Oh, my!

Happy Fourth of July to all in the USA! Be safe and enjoy the day and the fireworks that will light up the sky tonight! CELEBRATE!

Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty

I know that Aeon has clued everyone that we’re likely not blogging daily right now, but I just had to post this! I mean…I HAD to!

Yesterday, we had some of the most wonderful poetry and music at Ce Soir! First, of course, the wonderful Morgue McMillan and her beloved Brendan Shoreland came to The Magic Tree and shared beautiful poetry and song with us. It was a lovely hour with these two quite talented artists. Verse from Morgue’s pen is always a joy to have read, and she shared some striking works about love and life that everyone enjoyed. Some who had never been at Ce Soir before joined us and it was so nice meeting new people and sharing such a fine hour of poetry and music together. Both Morgue and Brendan were in fine voice and engaged in their work, as always. Such a sweet presence they bring! Come hear them at Ce Soir again, the first Wednesday of each month at 1 PM SLT. Of course, you can catch them elsewhere across the grid and we encourage you to do so – but we’ll be happy to see you next time at The Magic  Tree as well! Check out some of their recordings and other offerings at Morgue‘s blog

After a few hours’ break, 5 PM SLT rolled around and the well-known and talented James Olmos (AcousticEnergy) flew in and set up for his gig. It was great to see him again and as his music filled the hall, people flocked to enjoy his great singing and outstanding guitar-playing. He was in a mellow mood, and you could tell his heart was in it as songs crescendoed with that distinctive James Olmos intonation – fantastic! His setlist for the night contained both perfectly-chosen covers and some of his own beautiful compositions, and when he sang both his own I Fall Into You and Van Morrison’s  Into the Mystic, it was…magical! He had us in the palm of his hand throughout, and it was a great hour with this very sweet and gifted musician. Thank you so much, James! Check his website for more music!

BARRY Kettery (Avantgarde) was up next, and he had something very special for us indeed! Also in a mellow mood, he grabbed that acoustic guitar and gave us his all (which is considerable!). Such rich self-made background music – guitar, organ, piano, percussion – just set the stage for his live performance of some of the very best love songs and R&B ever written. It was really something as he went into his massive archives and brought out some truly exceptional music for us to enjoy. That Samm Cooke number near the end of the set brought the house down! BARRY is an accomplished professional and the polish and sophistication of his sound does not go unnoticed by discriminating crowds. Everyone enjoyed this hour and – never fear – he’ll be back! Catch him too, across the grid (and at his website), but do come see us when BARRY is in the house (read: Ce Soir Castle)!

Speaking of masterful music, TUKSO OKEY was up next. Continuing to astound us with his talent with an array of instruments, Tukso always seems to break new ground with his very cool (and very HOT!) sound. Innovative music that can be described as both earthy and transcendent, Tukso‘s sound is a powerful blend of relentless rhythms, hypnotic tones and sensual lyrics that cannot be denied. As he creates it all in the moment, it is ever fresh and new – even those songs we know well always have a new twist or surprising turn. This is one reason we at Ce Soir call his shows The Tukso Okey Experience, and if you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere and have not yet heard him, get going to his next gig. He’ll be back to enthrall us again in two weeks, but don’t wait! The peaceful revolution that is Tukso is waiting for you, so check his blogsite for more information!

Whew! After all that…we’re on a roll, and we have plans to wrap the week in style!

Today, we bring you the one-and-only RUSSELL EPONYM with his famed folk, blues, and beyond! He’ll be in at 2 PM SLT at The Ce Soir Castle, and we hope you’ll join us. There just is nothing better than an hour with Russell and his guitar! I should say, “guitars,” because he has a bevy of them – plus the banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and kazoooooo! His music is always lovely – and fun! He has a repertoire of sweet love songs, historical folks tales set to music, folk and jazz hits from people like Mark Knopfler, Donovan, and Bob Dylan – to name a few. Russell has his own special style of playing and it’s just beautiful – as is he and the wonderful Eponymous Family who gather to enjoy. Come along – you’re guaranteed a sweet, toe-tapping good time! (And don’t forget to join us Tuesdays at Noon SLT for Russell‘s wonderful readings, ruminations and more at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir!) He’s on Facebook too, so pop on over and check it out!

And then…let us put a fine wrap on the day with an elegant slide into the night with the inimitable MoShang Zhao. Streaming live from his studio in Taiwan, MoShang delivers the chill every Thursday night at Ce Soir Castle. This is an hour not to be missed as the week winds down. Completely mesmerising and soothing, this at-the-same-time energising downbeat electronica is a must-hear. Innovative and unique, the MoShang sound is unforgettable. He brings his considerable technical prowess to bear in the creation of some of the most inspiring and relaxing music ever heard. His new Suncake Lounge Vol. 2 – Multiply Me (with guitarist, Chris Bailey) is just amazing, and you should check it out! It’s available at moshang.net and at iTunes and CD Baby as well. We are pleased to have MoShang in at Ce Soir every Thursday night at 8 PM SLT, so do come join us. You’ll be ever-so-glad you did!

I told you I had to post this! And I promise…PHOTOS, next time!

2 thoughts on “Oh, my!

  1. Wow Mireille! Great stuff – haha – of course you had to post it! I really have to come hang out at your place!!!

    Also, FYI, we will be celebrating the 4th of July on the 6TH OF JULY at LEA11 with our performance of “VB49: SPF50” – it’s a piece where everybody stands on the beach showing off their SUNBURN! And then after we eat hot dogs and dance! And everyone is welcome to come be in the piece, or to check it out:

  2. Hi, Vanessa! You do need to come check us out sometime – always welcome at Ce Soir for any performance or just to take the teleports around to see the place…

    That sounds like a WOW party for Saturday! Aeon and I will do our best to pop over and see what’s going on. (With you around, no doubt it will be loads of fun!)

    Good to hear from you – and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

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