We have a good excuse. Really!

Some of you who read our little blog have spoken up about missing us recently. We have appreciated the emails and IMs/notecards in SL and want to assure you that we do have a good excuse…really! You see, Mireille has injured her wrist and elbow. Fortunately, it’s NOT serious – just painful and limiting for the time being. She has a time trying to type, so she’s even a bit incommunicado in SL as well as RL. This is driving her crazy! I love her madly, and I wish I could fix it, but all we can do is follow doctor’s orders. And wait.

That said, we have LOTS about which to report, as things have been happening at Ce Soir Arts! I am not going to list them, but plan to come back in soon to write up some very specific posts in order to catch you up. Mireille might even dictate a post! Now, that will be interesting!

In any event, we thank you for your patience and your continued support at Ce Soir Arts. I’ll post next week’s calendar below and remind you that you’re invited to come and enjoy! Drop in at a reading or concert – or just drop in! You’re welcome, anytime.


2 thoughts on “We have a good excuse. Really!

  1. Heya, Bright! hehehehehe is right! She’s a case, that one…and I think she is gonna dictate a post before this is all said and done. What a trooper, though. She even walked the whole track at Relay this weekend, and pre-written copy/paste greetings to people kept her halfway satisfied with communicating. She’ll be back soon. I can’t keep her from it, although I set her up with one of those “Do Not Disturb” messages for when she’s in-world. Oh, how she hates that!
    And now, a word from our sponsor: “I hope you’re getting on well, M. Bright! Thank you for your sweet message! xo” (from Mireille to you). 🙂

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