Quite a weekend! Spirit Dancer from TwinGhost…and Relay!

While Mireille is somewhat sidelined, we have still managed to keep things going and have a good time doing it. We even managed to attend TWINGHOST RONASSPIRIT DANCER album release party on Friday over at the BOOM PONY– and what a great time that was! Twin was at the top of his considerable game and he was accompanied by the incomparable guitarist Voodoo Shilton and a very talented RL band member (we MUST get that name!!!) who played some outstanding accompaniment to Twin‘s sensational vocals and guitar work. WOW! Purchase your own copy of the album at Bandcamp now! It is filled with some of TwinGhost‘s great work…such music! He definitely brings it! Sweet and mellow meet moving and thought-provoking, with a charming mystical note to top it off; the mix is compelling. Soulful rock and pop brilliance await you…

TG - Spirit Dancer

Click here for your own copy of SPIRIT DANCER!

Another thing we managed to do over the weekend was RELAY! Yes, we made the opening ceremonies and we cheered on the walkers during the opening Survivor Lap. That was very special, indeed. Eventually, we both walked the track around. It was another of those exceptional experiences that one can only have in SL. Of course, there is the RL version of Relay for Life (also sponsored by the American Cancer Society), and you should not miss that in your own community. It’s a great time in which people who work year-round for this important cause get together to celebrate, remember, and keep the fight going. It’s inspiring, to say the least, and very motivating. 100 Years of Hope is quite a milestone, and as we round the corner to a cure, we’ll keep right on going!

Aeon & Mireille Cheer at RFL of SL Relay Weekend Opening Ceremonies
Aeon & Mireille Cheer at RFL of SL Relay Weekend Opening Ceremonies

I must note here that SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE hit a pinnacle this year! WAY TO GO, SL MUSIC! With venue owners, performers, and music lovers from across the grid, we came together for some outstanding events and raised some significant funds this season. Team Captain Still Braveheart and her merry band of Co-Captains outdid themselves again, and so did everyone who gave of time and treasure. Every $L counts and those kiosks are still up at Ce Soir Arts, people!

In SL, the many teams and individuals who give so much came together this weekend to share information, encouragement, and lots of fun! The campsites for each team were spectacular and carried the message of the cause very well. There were opportunities to learn, to rest, to chat, dance, and – of course – walk the track. Hmmm…some RAN, some JUMPED, some SKATED, some FLEW, and some walked. We got to dress up in holiday gear for one of the themed hours, and since I was there, I donned my Mardi Gras gear and hiked it around. People were cheering everyone on the track – even me! Woots!

OK, that’s it for me. It’s Monday, and I have a stack of things to get done. Like you, my RL does call! Make it a great one, and we’ll see you tomorrow at NOON SLT for Poetry & Song with the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, Russell Eponym. There will be a post all about that – and MORE – by morning…

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