Oh-oh. Running behind…but certainly NOT on “empty”!

It’s been more than a week now since we had a VERY SPECIAL day at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir – and we need to report on that to you. In fact, we want to report on that to you. It was something we had been planning to do for a whole YEAR or more. With Mireille somewhat sidelined with her wrist and elbow (more wrist than elbow, we are discovering), I have sole propriety here at the blog. I’m just one guy, and I can only do so much in a day – despite my incredible capacities (LOL!). So… So much has happened in the week that was, so – without further ado – here goes, working backwards (this oughta be fun. Just to see if I can…)…

LAST NIGHT – SUNDAY 21 July: Two very talented and genuinely great guys from the RL/SL music scene, TWINGHOST RONAS and JOEL EILDE (DRAGFONFLY)  came round to fill Ce Soir Castle with music and the kind of last-blast weekend energy we all crave. Last at 9 PM SLT, TWIN stepped to the stage and brought us a great hour of that unique sweet sound for which he is known. It’s a touch of the 70s (and last night he sang a few of those tunes that were born back in the day, just to put a fine touch on it). When he sang “Drive” by the Cars, I thought Mireille was gonna fall completely to pieces!

Twin has the kind of voice that can reach way inside the listener to evoke deep emotion, and he certainly did that last night. Many of our musicians are excellent at choosing covers that are suited to their voices and playing, but no one does it better than TwinGhost. When he’s in the mood for some cover songs, watch out, folks! His selections are surprisingly perfect; shouts of “WOW!” and “Oh, I haven’t heard this is soooo long! YAY!” fill the air. And then…he throws in a cool original tune or two, and you’ve got yourself yet another fantastic show from this veteran singer/songwriter! After a very comfortable hour – and giving us a little piece of the shiny new album Spirit Dancer –  Twin bid us adieu with  a fave of mine, “Pieces of My Life.” His own composition, this song grabs you where you live – both lyrically and musically. A touching storyline sung with great pathos, it’s as real as it gets. Add to it that note of almost other-worldly mysticism in the wrap-up score, and you’re home – or flying out across the universe. AWESOME!

Yes, we got a groove on with Twin (as we usually do), but we were fresh from COOLSVILLE will none other than the astounding JOEL EILDE, otherwise known by his RL band’s name: DRAGONFLY. This Canadian  musicman  dropped in to take us on a ride of some outstanding original music; the truly progressive sound of DRAGONFLY is unquestionably of the highest calibre. Undertones of deep and exotic themes rise through the score and capture your imagination, and leadman Joel has a voice that is unforgettable.

The album AMPLIFICATION from this striking and talented band is out and taking music-lovers by storm. The sound is hard-hitting, but there is a tender element that cannot be missed. LOVE seems to crop up as a theme – with all its twists and turns captured both lyrically and musically by the deft hand and ear of this top-drawer musician. Joel‘s “Nothing Can Stop an Idea” is an anthem of the times and the lyrical “Little Moon” showcases his tender side and his love for his daughters. Sounds like the full package to me – and it’s all a load of FUN, as Joel is quick in his banter with fans and friends throughout the show. He even does a kick-azz DJ set that will knock your socks off, and we’ll revisit that when Mireille is back on her game. (I’m betting that won’t be too long in coming. I hope!)


SATURDAY, we took a little break. In other words, we enjoyed some of that great weekend sleep – you know, the kind of sleep where you dream wild dreams and wake up thinking it was all eerily real. My dreams involved space travel, but Mireille just went away somewhere for awhile. Ah! Nirvana…

We were pretty tired – and happy too – because we had an unusual and very happy Friday at Ce Soir Arts – we called it FAB FRIDAY, and it was! It was a day filled with fun and music from four of our fave European artists! Check this line-up and see what you think…

As we are going backwards in the clock, I get to talk about Saintess Larnia first! She is a gifted UK singer-songwriter-guitarist. Her sultry sweet vocals and warm interaction with audiences make her quite the charmer, and her own sassy-sexy-originals are delightful tales from the life of a modern girl. She got up there and sang from the heart –  from a diverse repertoire that will make your jaw drop. Saintess can sing a sweet love song or give power to the blues, which she did for a thrilling hour as her voice wrapped itself around our hearts. She had us swaying to the music, and with her crazy friends in tow (you know who you are!!!), her giggle lit off a firestorm of laughter and good times. Yay, Saintess!  After this set, we decided: yep, we’re gonna do FAB FRIDAY again!

Right before Saintess, the lovely and talented Lisa Brune – our very favourite French songstress – gave us an hour of smiles and exceptional music that kept the party rolling in grand style. Such sweetness and savvy is rare in one person, but Lisa brings it full circle. Those whispery vocals…oh, yeah! She’s got a songlist that will take your breath away, and she does each song in her own inimitable style. That captivating voice and charm to spare made for yet another memorable hour. Lisa‘s lovely singing kept us enthralled and her sweet stage presence made us smile. We look forward to Lisa‘s shows and today was no exception; we love it when she sings in French – AND English – and audiences across the grid adore her; today was our turn and we had a great time. Her beloved Jack Nichols (the well-known and quite talented photographer from Italy) came along for the fun, and his outstanding photographic portraiture and comics art are at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery for a few more days, so get on over here to enjoy!

As we turn the clock back another hour (which seems a very fitting thing to do in this case!), the truly exceptional JordanReyne Deezul had us mesmerised by her unique and stunning sound; industrial-folk noir at its finest is redefined by this innovative and talented artist. The music of JordanReyne is a transcendent blend of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences, and she brought it all to bear at Ce Soir Castle today. Originally from New Zealand, this transplanted British music maven uses steam and other factory sounds as part of her musical landscape. In her very versatile voice, Jordan provides ethereal Celtic melodies, woven through a rhythmic base of sound, and her powerful sound is as inviting as it is electric. Her new CD The Annihilation Sequence is just out and we were treated to some of those outstanding new songs. For example, I will be singing “Bite (the Hand that Feeds)” for days…and she graced us with favourites like “Johnny and the Sea” too. Can you say, “WOW!” Breathtaking…

Going back yet one more hour, British musician (and RL friend of JordanReyneNeal Hoffmann started us off with an elegant bang. This guy is a soulful singer-songwriter who will be invited to our stage again and again; his music is that rich and beautiful – and subtly powerful. He sings of relationships and dreams, and it’s quite engaging – to say the least. “Rocket Boys” really grabs me where I live and Mireille has a penchant for both “Tell Me How the World Works” and “Maybe Arizona.” We were treated to all three today! Neal has performed for several years as part of the band Amphibic in RL and he brings his lovely sound of smooth vocals backed by his own live guitar-playing to serenade us with sweet love songs and much more. A prolific songwriter, Neal pens original music that is a feast for your ears and your heart, a complex sound based in elegant simplicity with intelligent, absorbing lyrics. When he chooses a cover, it is perfect, so it was an amazing kick-off to an amazing event-filled day. Never mind that he sang that song all the ladies swoon over – “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaak. It’s a perfect cover for one Neal Hoffmann; he sings it better than any male performer in SL. Outstanding show…outstanding!

Here’s the lineup for our first-ever FAB FRIDAY…look for more such days to come!


At this point, I begin to wonder just how lengthy one post can be! Can I go back THREE MORE DAYS? Somehow, I doubt it. So, I’ll make shorter work of it from here and open up another posting or two to cover Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday. (We’re working backwards, remember? LOL – so I’ll see you in the next post!)

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