OK. Here we go on a Strawberry Singh Monday Meme…


As always, Mireille checked her fave blogs this AM. Top of the list is Strawberry Singh‘s great blog. As we read together (romantic, eh…), we were struck by this Monday’s Meme: My Second Life Bucket List Challenge. Both M and I want to complete the challenge, so – with me as trusty secretary to The Divine Ms. M, here goes:

Of course, M goes first! Here are her Top Five:

1 Learn to script – well. This could be a challenge, but friend Pavl Duke is offering a new course on scripting for beginners at the Builders Brewery. Can’t wait! (I do understand some basics of scripting and can mod many scripts that allow it, but I want to write my own!) Here’s their calendar so you can check out their fantastic course offerings. So many excellent instructors offering so many interesting and quite helpful courses!

Build a whole new expression of art – just for me. That might sound a bit selfish, but I feel I need the freedom of that. Of course, I would share if it turned out… 🙂

Make an alt. What I would do with an alt, I’m not sure – although Aeon is writing a sci-fi series… Could be fun to be “someone else” sometimes… I have made avatars for others, such as our sweet Mimi who posts notices for us at Ce Soir Arts. I think I did a good job too! (Thoughts are brewing!)…

Learn more about photography – and make a machinima. I have a storyline (or 100)…I just don’t have much of a clue about making moving pictures. Ah! A challenge!

Open a little business to actually sell something I make. I have one product in mind (and I make a variety of them often – I just don’t sell them). I think this could be loads of fun, if not at all lucrative. Making money would not be the point for me, but it might be nice too. Time will tell…


Here are My Top Five:

1 Produce more plays at Ce Soir Arts Theatre.

2 Develop a little business with Mireille (see above).

3 Create new sims to represent the realities of literature from unique perspectives.

4 Continue to write (with Mireille), using SL as inspiration and – eventually – expression.

5 Create a new space for spiritual and intellectual exploration and sharing.

Yep. M‘s list is much more colourful than mine. No surprise, but it is kinda striking in contrast! LOL…

Thanks for the challenge, Strawberry! Good food for thought…

This was fun…and it’s all about us! hehe!

Mon amour!
Mon amour!

NOTE: Photographs by Mireille


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