Three posts in one day…

You got it right, it’s me again. Who knew I could be this prolific? Well, I have a reason, you know. Tomorrow is TUESDAY, and we just cannot let another TUESDAY go by without sharing what happened, uh, TWO TUESDAYS AGO. So…after our diversion for the Monday Meme Challenge, let’s dive back into the week in reverse…

THURSDAY: This is was another one of those Thursdays when our two most regular shows take place. We love Thursdays because they are truly our entry into the weekend…usually. But if you read the previous post, Friday this particular week held something new and special. We’ll do FAB FRIDAY again – and soon – but for now, read on about earlier in the week. (So far, I think I’m keeping this all straight!)

MoShang Zhao The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao
The Sound Jeweler

To close out the night in what Mireille calls “an elegant slide into the night,” electronica wizard MOSHANG ZHAO took the stage at his usual 8 PM SLT and we were off on a flight of ever-evolving and transcendent Chinese Chill. I could feel the temperature dip as this unique and captivating blend of downbeat electronica took off. With a deep musical history and an eye to the future, this is cutting edge music that soothes the soul. Every week, we marvel at these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection under the skillful hand of The Sound Jeweler himself. His sets are delightfully peppered with just the right amount of informative banter and everyone enjoys the hour. MoShang guides us to relax, unwind, and get energised all at the same time so that we’re ready for most anything when he wishes us “safe travels around the metaverse” as he wraps up. Very cool!

Russell Eponym 3Earlier in the day, the first performer to play at Ce Soir Arts on opening day back in January 2012 came in for his usual set at 2 PM SLT. This master musician brings his outstanding “folk, blues and beyond” every Thursday at that hour, and we look forward to it every time! So do the fabulous Eponymous Family members who gather to enjoy Russell Eponym and his deft musicianship and his warm and charming interactions with them – and with all who gather. This week, we had several come round who are new to Russell and to Ce Soir – apparently, the word is still getting out that he’s a not-to-be-missed performer – wherever he happens to be playing. Sweet melodies and toe-tapping tunes showcase his unique finger-picking guitar style, his velvety voice, and his talents with the harmonica, banjo and even the kazoo! From dreamy love ballads to songs that will tickle your funnybone, Russell has them all!

Wonderful Wednesday: We do like Wednesday evenings at Ce Soir, and this one was no exception. Three outstanding musicians offered their talents. Since we’re going at this backwards…

Tukso OkeyWrapping up the night, music legend TUKSO OKEY got a groove on! This mesmerizing sound gets under your skin and has you transfixed and groovin’ from the first note. Not only does Tukso play an array of instruments – guitar, keyboards, percussion instruments, woodwinds – but he writes almost every song he plays; even the few covers he does are completely his own as he pays homage to the original artists AND applies his very own sound to them all. This made-in-the-moment music rocks your world, as Tukso both feeds and responds to audience energies as they rise and fall throughout the set. Fans come expecting a cool experience, a hot groove based on hypnotic rhythms and spellbinding lyrics – and Tukso never, ever disappoints. Whether he’s in a mellow mood or has fire running in his blood, everyone is guaranteed a satisfying hour. What a way to end the night!

AVANTAn hour earlier, BARRY (AVANT) KETTERY dropped in for a return engagement at The Castle. Yep, he got invited back – and will be invited again. Barry is an innovator and his sets can take a lot of twists and turns, from contemporary jazz to blues to classic rock to R&B to acoustic pop and all points in between. He can, however, also slip into a very cool groove and stay there, bringing out some outstanding examples of a genre from his quite extensive repertoire. Whether it’s full studio arrangements performed entirely on his own, (guitar, bass, keys and drums and percussion) or his unique and very pleasing solo voice with acoustic guitar or piano, BARRY brings pro audio engineering skills, strong musicianship & his quirky personality to every performance. He revisited a little Steely Dan and dove into some very cool blues. Can’t wait til next time!

AEFirst up on this Wednesday evening at Ce Soir Castle was another singer/songwriter who brings considerable talent and his own perspective. James Olmos (AcousticEnergy) is passionate about music. You can hear it in his lyrics and you can hear it in his voice. His heart tells a story in each of his songs and his melodies bring a conviction of love and honesty. Whether singing an original song or a cover number, AE naturally brings the crowd along. He has a unique ability to reach into your soul and tug at your heart as you feel the stories he tells with song. He seemed to be enjoying the evening and it was clear that he loves to entertain. Singing some beautiful ballads and some righteous blues, he let his talent with the guitar and vocals shine. What a great opener!

Oh, yeah!

Some see us at Ce Soir Arts whenever you like. Check the schedule in SL Search or here at the blog to see what’s happening (we do TRY to post a weekly schedule…and we thank you for your understanding recently as Mireille has been somewhat sidelined by her wrist injury. She’s improving and making it to many of the shows too. Your kindness makes us smile!

Next post:  the whole reason I’m doing this backwards look at the week(s) that was/were!

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