We’ve been rather derelict in our blogging duties since Mireille injured her wrist. Well…I’ve been derelict, since she hasn’t hardly been able to type. My apologies for being so absent here, but we’ve been busy – and now that we’re formally on vacation – we’re almost busier than ever! Mireille has her physical therapy and we are still working on projects to bring our house and property back to its pre-storm/storm/community fire/storm/storm/storm condition. To say that we’ve had enough rain to last awhile would be an understatement. Funny how elevation plays such a role in that (he muses)…

Anyway, there’s lots more to report on besides the weather! We are mostly away from SL through the month, although you are likely to see one or both of us from time-to-time. We do need to check on things and we enjoy seeing friends and perhaps enjoying a show or two when we can. Speaking of shows…both RUSSELL EPONYM and MOSHANG ZHAO are continuing their weekly programmes at Ce Soir through the month of August. Here’s the official vacation schedule:

August vacation schedule

That FAB FRIDAY idea’s a good one, so look for one of those late in the month. We had such a great time, last time, so we’ll try to have at least some of the same shows on that fun day, and then – sooner than any of us can imagine – we’ll be back to a more full calendar. It might be a bit lighter for awhile, but don’t worry – your faves from the Ce Soir Society will be playing again soon!

That said, we hope you’re having a fine wrap on your summer (and for our friends “down under,” we hope your spring will arrive soon and bring you lots of sunny days)! We thank every one of you who has sent a note, dropped an IM, or just had a thought of us. Ce Soir is about inspiration, and where do we find it? IN YOU!

The place is open and music is playing, so do go on over and dance, relax, and enjoy some time in the loveliness that is Ce Soir. Look for some interesting things coming up in the fall – including perhaps a whole new place to enjoy! (Hint! Hint!)

Happy end of summer, friends! We’ll see you soon!


Ce Soir Evening - 0712 Logo A

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