Greetings! Aeon here. Mireille is coming along with physical therapy and the like, and she’ll soon be back to drive us all crazy, er…delight us! 🙂

I came in-world this morning to check on things, and was greeted by a very nice surprise from one of the most well-respected bloggers writing about Second Life: Chloé Seljan. Of course, this lovely lady does much more than blog, although hers is one we read routinely for wonderful perspectives on what’s happening in-world. The information is always timely and the photography is always top-notch.

In fact, Chloé – with her associate Taylor Flanagan – owns and manages a wonderful place in SL where you can often find a number of delightful events: PotPourri Markets (they’re planning something special, so you might not be able to get there just now – read on!). Visit the informative blog that Chloé also oversees to keep up with them – and do visit the location when available, as it is always a lovely environment rich with colour and themes to enchant visitors, not to mention some very fun and entertaining events! They are already in the planning stages for one of our favourite holidays: HALLOWE’EN! It’s 2013, so we’re expecting it’s going to be full of fright and ghoulish fun!

Read on in the blog, and you can also catch up with a review of the many beneficial and enjoyable activities this group put together for the fabulous SL10B by Us. We were excited and happy to be a small part of that series of events celebrating the 10th Birthday of Second Life! Several of the events held by the group benefited the wonderful work of Brique Topaz and Feed-A-Smile. Do check that out as well and get yourself over to the Lavender Field to enjoy great music by some of SL‘s best entertainers and donate meals to feed the Kenyan children being schooled in the programme. Just $L100 feeds a child a healthy meal, so pop on over and drop some Linden Love on those children – even if there’s not a show going on at the moment. You’ll be glad you did!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about the surprise! There’s a post you must see on Chloé‘s other blog – CloClo in Second Life – a delightfully informative blog that she maintains to share her explorations of various sims and events in SL. This post is about Ce Soir Arts! Beautifully written and quite flattering to us, it’s a sweet piece of writing with some of Chloé‘s stunning photographs. Wow. Thank you, Chloé! What a nice thing! We are on vacation now, so the schedule of events is a bit attenuated this month, but there are shows happening (see earlier post for details). The Ce Soir Arts Gallery is presently vacant, but that’s about to change! Something very special is coming in for latter August and we have the return of one of our favourites – Catalan artist Xirana Oximoxi – with new works to share in September. We are excited about both, so do check back – and look for some announcements soon!

Again, we thank Chloé for her kind and lovely post about Ce Soir Arts. We are about inspiration here, and we feel doubly inspired on reading her posting. What a treat for us! Merci bien !

Ce Soir Arts - Photo by Chloe Seljan
Ce Soir Arts – Photo by Chloe Seljan

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  1. You are so very welcome! We are moved by your very nice post about Ce Soir. Thank you for that and for all you do in the arts!

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