This (vacation) week at Ce Soir Arts…

Ah…the vacation continues, and we’re really enjoying the downtime. Mireille continues to improve with her injuries and we’ve gotten a lot done around home. Soon, we’ll turn our attentions to SL, but for right now, we’re taking a little trip for relaxation and fun. Before we go, I’ll pop in-world to check on things and Mireille has a couple of little projects including a little something for the gallery. I’ll also remind our Subscribe-O friends of the following schedule:

August vacation schedule

Noon Tuesday: RUSSELL Reads
2 PM, Russell/8 PM, MoShang

These two are exceptional and both have been with us from our very first week at Ce Soir Arts. Don’t miss Russell‘s dynamic readings and ruminations at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir  at noon on Tuesday – or his fine singing and playing in The Castle on Thursday at 2 PM. Both are wonderful ways to invest an hour! Then, join MoShang in The Castle at 8 PM on Thursday for a truly fine concert of unique and groovin’ chilltronica that will soothe and energise you. Sounds like a plan to me – and this schedule will continue throughout the month – and beyond!

NOTE: You can use the teleportation system at the Venue Landing Point to get around the many locales at Ce Soir including The Magic Tree Reading Spot and upstairs in The Castle (Main Venue).

Mimi will be around to send out notices and will come by as her schedule allows, so these shows will go on as usual. Do drop in. Russell and MoShang will be happy to see you – and you’ll have a great time, guaranteed! We might even show up – although next week is more likely for us. We do miss our usual activities, but this vacation is very special. Not only is Mireille getting the care she needs for her wrist, etc., we’re getting some quality quiet time together. We always ensure that we have that, and when we’re online together during a show – whether we’re sitting next to each other on the sofa, lying about on the deck, or stationed across the room from one another, we’re having a ball! Thank you all for that…and for so much more!

See you somewhere in the metaverse…soon…

2 thoughts on “This (vacation) week at Ce Soir Arts…

  1. Hi Mireille – Thank you so much for your touching review of my film, The Chromatic Diaries on Honur’s blog. It was such a wonderful thing to read as I went through my email this morning. You really made my day! Thanks!

  2. Hi, Cathy! Mireille has time with her typing still, so since we’re on vacation, I’m managing the blog – more or less. 🙂
    She told me about your film and I also enjoyed it very much. It’s very moving and beautifully done. Brava!
    I think I’ll add a link to it here today.
    Keep creating; we’ll be looking forward to your next production!

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