Are you following The Drax Files? You should be…!

If you are a resident of SecondLife (or even if you’re not), I highly recommend you check out The Drax Files! Draxtor Despres (check him out at has developed what I view as a brilliant series of investigations into the experience of a variety of avatars – from both the SL and RL perspectives. Some of the virtual world’s most inventive and talented creators are interviewed in this machinima/video series that you can see at or on YouTube. The latest is a wonderful look into the world of Elie Spot, co-founder and proprietor of the Mayfair shops, Mon Tissu and Celoe. A lovely lady living in Kentucky, Tiffany Mitchell lives a vibrant and creative life in both worlds. She seems to agree with me – SecondLife is what you make of it, and she’s done really wonderful work in her SL – and RL! Do check it out at Cat Boccaccio‘s wonderful blog “slum magazine,” another great blog on!

I’m going to ignore Aeon‘s latest posting. 🙂

Have a lovely Sunday, friends! See you around the grid! By the way, I typed this all by myself. It took awhile, but it was worth it, n’est-ce pas ?


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