Easing our way back from the break…with Xirana Oximoxi’s beautiful work at The Ce Soir Arts Gallery

We’re easing our way back to a more full calendar at Ce Soir Arts, mostly because Mireille still tires pretty quickly and because she needs a bit more time between typing sessions. She’s doing remarkably well, but one thing that is very important to me is that she enjoy her time in-world. While we both are avid SLers, we want the optimum experience here at Ce Soir Arts – for us and for everyone!

Speaking of optimum experiences…the wonderful Catalan artist Xirana Oximoxi returns to Ce Soir Arts Gallery (and The Conservatory) with a group of new works that must be seen. Paintings and sculptural pieces are here for you to enjoy and purchase; each one is its own work that can stand alone, but which finds a welcoming niche in this collection. You’ll find her abstract, impressionistic interpretations striking to say the least, and her landscapes evoke a sense of presence with nature that is delightful. The African themes that meander through the exhibit are bright and full of life, and Xirana’s sculptures are both elegantly moderne and playful. I am partial to her colorful giraffes as they bring a feeling of freedom and happiness; they just might have found a home nearby!

Xiriana Oximoxi Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts
Xiriana Oximoxi Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts

Xirana‘s artwork will be on exhibit throughout the month of September, so do come by and take some time with her work. Enjoy the balance of both variety and integrity of this exquisite exhibit and join us for a celebration of her work at some point in the month; it will be a wonderful occasion and we look forward to it!


To go along with this optimum artistic experience, we continue this week with the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, Russell Eponym, and his weekly readings at The Magic Tree Reading Spot. This magical hour seems to grow richer with depth and delight each week, as Russell shares from across the poetic spectrum. Each week, he shares music, literature, and a very special Thought for the Day that inspires us all. Come join us today at Noon SLT – and every Tuesday – for an hour you won’t soon forget.

Russell Eponym 4Russell also joins us for his own folk, blues, and beyond every Thursday at 2 PM SLT. Join us at Ce Soir Castle for Russell‘s unique take on some of the best music ever written including covers and his own exceptional compositions. His way with a guitar (banjo, mandolin, and even the kazoo) is second to none and you’ll definitely enjoy both his 6- and 12-string guitar fingerstyle as well as his velvety vocals. He has an extensive repertoire that just keeps growing, and there’s something for everyone; humour, love songs, and folk tales set to music fill the hour – along with Russell‘s inimitable style and the lovely Eponymous Family who gathers to enjoy.

MoShang Zhao The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao
The Sound Jeweler

In addition – and not to be missed – is the Chillmaster, MoShang Zhao who will be with us – as he is at 8 PM SLT every Thursday – at Ce Soir Castle. Come on over and relax to the soothing yet energizing sounds of the ever-evolving chilltronica – delivered LIVE and with love from Taiwan. MoShang is an exceptional musician whose sound innovations just keep on coming. His technological genius is something to behold, and you can’t help but dance – even when the music soothes, it’s about movement and magic. Don’t miss this truly unique sound that travels the globe to reach us all where we meet at Ce Soir Castle. We love it – and we know you will too!

We’ll return to a more usual schedule soon, but we’ve seen the wisdom of moving deliberately at this time. We thank each and every one of you for your continued understanding and encouragement. Thank you for visiting at Ce Soir Arts – and please come any time to enjoy the gardens, the art, the lovely music stream. Dance, relax, and enjoy this place of peace.

Best to you all! Come…be inspired tonight!

Ce Soir Arts NEW November 2012 LOGO

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