Yes…we’re still here…

I know it may seem a long while since we were very active in-world; it seems that way to me too. I’m coming in a bit more now, working on some projects and catching a concert here or there – especially the ones that have been continuing through this longer-than-expected hiatus at Ce Soir Arts.

This past Tuesday from noon to 1 PM was one of the most enjoyable hours I have had in SecondLife since coming in-world in 2009. The Poet Laureate (and Artist-in-Residence) at Ce Soir Arts, the multi-talented Russell Eponym offered us a glorious hour at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir. It was an hour of Mozart, poetry, and literature that was stunning, to say the very least. When he read an excerpt from Keats’ magnificent Endymion, I though Aeon was going to take flight! It was truly a beautiful hour, and one we cherish each week that passes.

Today, Russell graces us – LIVE from Wales – with his marvelous folk, blues, and beyond at 2 PM SLT. We’ll gather upstairs at The Castle for a grand time with fantastic music from Russell’s extensive (and growing!) repertoire of well-chosen covers and his own delightfully rich compositions. It’s an hour filled with music that will make your heart sing – and charming friends. What a lovely time we share. Won’t you join us? Your chariot awaits!

Later, as the clock strikes 8 PM SLT, none other than The Sound Jeweler, MoShang Zhao streams in LIVE from Taiwan with his ever-evolving Chinese Chill. It’s a relaxing, calming hour that provides a boost of energy along with the restful, elegant slide into the night that is his trademark with this ultra-soothing downbeat electronica – crafted with love. Come experience the chill…you’ll not regret it!

Don’t forget: the lovely Xirana Oximoxi has a bright and beautiful exhibit going at both the Ce Soir Arts Gallery on the main level at Ce Soir – and up above in the snowy retreat known as The Conservatory at Ce Soir. Don’t miss her exciting and quite charming modern works – including some gorgeous representations with African themes that you won’t soon forget. Xirana‘s delightful giraffes have captured many a heart; come see and be inspired tonight!

You’ll hear more from me – and Aeon – in coming days. I am doing well but still tire easily. I do miss the activities, but look forward to some new things coming for the autumn as well as the return of some of our favourite musical shows and readings. The Theatre will sing in the fall breezes, so do look for announcements…


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