A bit of fun…

We took a little time yesterday for a bit of adventure. Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme this past week was all about surrealism and dreams – and the very cool Designers United Event. Open from September 15, the event highlights an array of items from some of the most inventive creators in SL. Go! Dream up your own surrealistic or dream shot – or 20. Here are two of our faves from just playing around. It was lots of fun – and a very nice change of pace for us. Enjoy!

Last Tango in Paris??
Last Tango in Paris??

We had such a great time doing these…and many others. For the above, we played Tango music and actually danced for about an hour as well as took about a hundred posed shots. Very romantic!

The Thinking Man's Ballet
The Thinking Man’s Ballet

We are enjoying our new sim as a playground for our own artistic explorations of various types. We have a studio there and a workshop in the sky – and complete privacy. It’s deliriously fun, and it is all very therapeutic – physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually – for both of us. Who knows what might result? Time…and love…will tell…

Just a couple more:

Up on the tightwire...
Up on the tightwire…
Don't look down!
Don’t look down!

No matter what is going on in your world…have some fun!

Bisous… Be inspired…tonight!

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