We’re baaack…at least at the blog – and just in time for this very cool challenge!

It appears that Aeon and Mireille have been, ummm, busy…even while their “typists” have been away… Shocked? Intrigued? We are too. Read on…

The wonderful Strawberry Singh has once again hit a “sweet spot” with her Monday meme/challenge by asking a verrrry interesting question (originally posed to her by that tall, striking vampire person – you know, HIM: none other than that famed and revered, white-haired denizen of the night, Mr. Winter Jefferson). We admit that it’s a question that has plagued us since our first days in SL (January 2009) – a question we almost dare not to ask, but one we must: “What does your avatar get up to after you log out?”

Well! (Harumph!) A little NOSEY, don’t you think? Very private information, that. So private that even we did not know the answer. We’ve long suspected it, though. Our Inventories are filled with the trappings of this lifestyle…luxurious (some, slightly blood-stained – ahem!) clothing and dark, rich furnishings offer a hint or two as they languish next to our medieval outfits and our modern gear. But it’s time for us to face the truth after all these years. It’s something we’ve sort-of known for awhile, having caught the rare glimpse of one bedraggled Mireille just coming in as the pale light of morning shows itself…or logging in to catch Aeon hanging out at the Ce Soir Mausoleum. For shame! Sneaking around like that!

So, we tried a few tricks and logged in unexpectedly, camera in hand, ready to SNAP and catch the nefarious duo in action! THIS is what we discovered:

Aeon & Mireille Hold Court
Aeon & Mireille Holding Court at No Salvation!

Yes, it’s true! Those shadowy rumors are true! Aeon and Mireille are King and Queen of the Vampyres! (Apparently.) I mean, just look at them! Holding court at No Salvation like they own the place! (Cheeky!) (And…a handsome pair!) Oh, and look closely at the close-ups below…those luscious lips are hiding some fine fangs… And yes! These two do bite!

Vampire King
Vampyre King
Vampyre Queen
Vampyre Queen

SIGH… And so, our avatars’ little secret is out! And all it took was a little sleuthing, courtesy Strawberry Singh. Oh, and HIM too… Get on over to Berry’s blog and set up your own little detective agency. Face the truth, people: your avatars have a life (or death) of their own! We know you’re at least a wee bit curious…

The Ruling Class at Leisure
The Ruling Class at Leisure

Goodies in these photos…


Mesh Tunic, black (Kauna)

Lahood pants, black (Deadwool)

My Combat Boots, black (monso)

Lucis skin, Tone 2 (Tableau Vivant)

Goatee, black (Nivaro)

Small soul patch, salt & pepper (Jarryth’s Barber Shop)

Guyliner (LaVie)

Alexander hair, Winter tone, set by HUD (Tableau Vivant)

Pulse Eyes, Du Bois (Pulse by Lorac Farella)

crown, color-change (Exquisite Jewelry)

Celtic Cross necklace, silver (Maxi Gossamer)

Achillius pierce, silver (Gabriel)

Champagne wedding ring (RH Engel)

TBJ102 black enamel and diamond eternity ring (Trimmer Bay Jewellery)


VanElisabeta gown, black (LeeZu)

Intense shoes, black (N-core)

Mystere skin, Tone 3 (Pulse by Lorac Farella)

Dala hair, black (EMO-tions)

Shiva eyes, icy blue (Birth)

Lush eyelashes, black (Vox)

SLink Avatar Enhancement hands, casual, v5 (SLink)

Flair nails, set by HUD for SLink AE hands (Flair)

Belinda crown, platinum, color-change (Exquisite Jewelry)

Champagne wedding and engagement ring (RH Engel)

TBJ102 black enamel and diamond eternity ring (Trimmer Bay Jewellery)

Charity necklace/earrings (Blushed Jewels – older, may not be available)

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