Hallowe’en Recap – and the spookiness lasts longer than the candy – hehe!

We had a grand time with Hallowe’en at Ce Soir Arts. Those eerie skies in royal purple, dotted with sparkly stars and appointed in wispy white clouds that rushed past the horizon – it was just as on a spooky night with goblins afoot… It was indeed a frightfully delicious time!

Of course, Mireille placed some of her darker Words & Pictures in at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery, and what fun we had as some of our friends saw it for the first time! Who knew…? Well, I did, and you all have much to look forward to in coming months as I have finally talked M into sharing some of her work in SL. Who knows? Perhaps one day, she’ll bring in some of her outstanding mosaics. These are prized for their beauty and thematic richness. Cross your fingers, and perhaps, just perhaps…!

IRL, we enjoyed autumn weather and the onslaught of ghosts and other scary figures at the door, seeking tricks or treats. Mireille, of course, had brought in the best of treats. Like most people, safety is a big concern, and one of our local (and world-renowned) organic restaurants prepared special sealed packets for the trick-or-treaters – filled with surprisingly delicious natural fare. They offered an array of things that people could choose, so even if everyone on your block went there for their treats, they’d all be different. At our house, each child received a very large and wonderful caramel apple, a tasty popcorn ball, a pack of sugar-free gum, and…a little packet of decorated Langues de Chat cookies. YUM-O! (Yep! I ate a bunch o’ that stuff!)

We also had a spooktacular time with Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate Russell Eponym reading at the suddenly ghostly Magic Tree Reading Spot on his usual Tuesday. It was a frightfully good time! Russell can do pretty much ANY voice you can imagine and his selections are always spot-on. We thrilled and chilled through the hour and a fine time was had by all. (What’s that noise?…A SCREECH?…ooooooooooooh!)

Russell then came in and sang his signature music on Thursday, and most everyone was in costume – including Russell who was very scary in a friendly sort of Frankensteinian way. The music, as always, was superb – and the Eponymous Family (and a very nice group of new friends) were dressed in an array of Hallowe’en and other lovely finery. What a beautiful 90-minute show! Come join us for this kind of fun and frolic every Thursday at 2 PM SLT. Even on just your average Thursday, there’s a grand time to be had with Russell and fiends. I mean…friends!

To groove us out into the night, the Sound Jeweler, MoShang Zhao came in to deliver the distinctly Hallowe’en-y CHILL. It was a great hour of exceptional chilltronica by the wizard from Taiwan. We were all laid-back and groovin’ to these rich and varied sounds that seem to float about the castle when MoShang is here. As always, it was (as M is fond of saying) an elegant slide into the night…the dark, foreboding night (in this case); it was, after all, Halowe’en! Do come round next Thursday night at 8 PM SLT for another soothing, energizing dose of the best electronica around!

Moon over Ce Soir Bay
Moon over Ce Soir Bay

Still taking it nice and easy at Ce Soir Arts, we thank you all for your continued encouragement. M is feeling better and better…and we have some great things coming as winter hints that it plans to blanket us in snow and beauty. For one thing, there’s an incredible new art exhibit just around the corner – and more poetry and theatre ahead. More Gothica coming your way as well, so stay tuned, folks! The lights will indeed lead you home…

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