Samm Qendra Celebrates the Art of Mathilde Vhargon…

We are very fortunate indeed to be hosting some exceptional art events this week at Ce Soir Arts. First, is the continuation of the wonderful exhibit of abstract art by the gifted artist, Mathilde Vhargon. I first encountered her work some time ago at The Spanish Village Art Center at San Diego Balboa; she still maintains a lovely small gallery there, and we encourage you to visit there as well as her other galleries and locations. We look forward to a special event this week to celebrate Mathilde‘s art and its presence at Ce Soir Arts in both The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir through November.

Samm PinkJoin us Wednesday, 13 November at 2 PM SLT for a special celebration of the art of Mathilde Vhargon at Ce Soir Arts. Samm Qendra, a beautiful musical artist will provide an hour of lovely music for your enjoyment as you explore to view and experience Mathilde‘s wonderful abstract art. We are honoured to host both Mathilde and Samm for this very special event!

From Broadway hits to the best in easy-listening, the delightful musician Samm Qendra invites you on a journey of song. Her vocal range is astounding and her connection with her audience touching. This lovely songstress brings an awe-inspiring array of vocal capabilities to her music and her sensitivity is deeply moving. Come enjoy Samm and her soul-stirring music in the ambience that is Ce Soir Arts.

As we celebrate Mathilde Vhargon’s art, you will appreciate it as its own journey. You will enjoy as you discover its depths of colour and composition, from subtle hues to striking brights that call and captivate you. We invite you to step into Mathilde’s world of art and feel the flow of her inspirations at Ce Soir Arts through November.

Mathilde Vhargon at The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts
Mathilde Vhargon at The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts
Mathilde Vhargon at The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts
Mathilde Vhargon at The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts

Do join us for this celebration! Come…be inspired tonight!

The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts
The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts

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