Tuesday’s respite: a glorious hour with Russell Eponym, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts

We are very fortunate at Ce Soir Arts. Not only do we have the lovely venue spaces so lovingly appointed by the wonderful Mireille, we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming the discerning avatars who gather weekly to enjoy the readings and ruminations of the inimitable Russell Eponym. Of course, there are his musical shows as well – always a delight to all – but it is this hour of poetry and prose laced with Russell‘s wit and wisdom (and a song or two!) that is extra- special to me.

You see, I am a professor of English and Literature at a small college in the US. I teach both online and in the classroom, and I enjoy every moment I share with students eager to explore the vast array of breathtaking writings that await us every semester. Russell offers his very own outstanding work when he welcomes us to The Magic Tree Reading Spot, but he also peppers his time with us with some of the most glorious writings from across the broad spectrum of poetry and prose. Names such as Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, and the delightful Pam Ayres are but a few of those Russell shares with us from across the ages to contemporary times. Drawing on theatre as well including the aforementioned Shakespeare, Russell brings us the finest to enjoy, and his delivery of an incredible array of genres and styles is simply astounding. How many times Mireille has glanced at me during one of Russell‘s programs, smiling at her own delight and that evident on my face as Russell travels the lines. It’s magical indeed!

Come join us this Tuesday – and every Tuesday – at NOON SLT for a delightful taste of Russell‘s store of knowledge and talent. His voice is so facile and his readings are invariably the best to be found anywhere. His choice of readings and music is perfection itself and everyone is taken by the joy of it.

Don’t miss this! Do come and enjoy! You are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts, but what better time to visit than when Poet Laureate Russell Eponym is here!

The Poet Laureate Reads at The Magic Tree
The Poet Laureate Reads at The Magic Tree

The Magic Tree Reading Spot at Ce Soir Arts: we will be waiting to welcome you!

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