Missing out…

We had an interesting day on Tuesday. Things were going along as usual to begin. We both decided to be on campus for the day, planning to work on a project together and with some colleagues. It was going swimmingly, with lots of laughter as we tackled the inherent issues and came to consensus on almost everything. The sun was shining in a party-cloudy sky and it seemed that Indian Summer was continuing. In other words, all was right with our world.

THEN: the world went dark. I mean  PITCH-BLACK dark. We were already in the darkroom, looking at some stills, but this was beyond darkroom dark. We all made little exclamations of surprise, especially Mireille, who is – if I might be so bold as to reveal it here – a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to being in the dark. She has good reason, mind you. When she was small, the family vacation was a cross-country drive and they stopped to see some famous caves. The guide took them out on a rather narrow bridge-like walkway (I have actually been to this cave myself and it is a MAJOR drop over the sides). From there, as everyone looked about at the stalagmites and stalactites, they turned out the lights! Of course, this was done to educate the tourists just how dark dark can be, but it really scared little Mireille. (Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford whispers: Awwwww….)

Anyway, it was really dark and evident that power had been lost. It was just about an hour before M and I were to report in at Ce Soir Arts’ The Magic Tree Reading Spot prior to a reading with the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, Russell Eponym at noon, SLT. Mireille wanted to rush home in case the power outage persisted, so she set out. She wasn’t gone a minute before the text message came in from the administration: the power was out all over the valley. M returned with pout on, and the group decided to meet for lunch and then went on our separate ways – to work in dim offices by battery power. Only M has one of those tech-y offices with back-up power and a view. I often complain about this, as I am on-campus every day and she just comes in when she likes. (Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford thinks: Must be nice!)

The bottom line is that we missed Russell. This is not good at all. We very much enjoy his readings, music, ponderings, and ruminations. His wisdom and talents are not-to-be-missed, and we were quite unhappy about the power-out and having to forego one of the most treasured hours at Ce Soir for this week. Of course, Russell managed things beautifully, and with his signature aplomb. Friends and new acquaintances gathered to enjoy the hour, and even without having been there to share the magic, that makes us happy indeed! Russell reported that a nice group gathered and that the hour went off without a hitch. And so, we now focus on the fun we will have on Thursday at 2 PM SLT at Ce Soir Arts Castle. Russell will treat us to 90 minutes of his wonderful music and charm. Come join the Eponymous Family for this outstanding concert!

Thank you, Russell! Thank you everyone for your kindness and continued support. We truly appreciate each and every one of you and hope that times you spend at Ce Soir Arts will be enjoyable and uplifting to you. It’s always a lovely time when Russell is here…

Come…be inspired tonight!

Ce Soir Arts NEW November 2012 LOGO

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