The beauty of art continues with Mathilde Vhargon at Ce Soir Arts

If you’ve not yet, you must come visit the Ce Soir Arts Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts. The gifted artist, Mathilde Vhargon‘s striking abstract art is on exhibit in both spaces through the month of November. Mathilde is known for her striking work and we are fortunate that she has several exhibits and outlets for her artwork in Second Life. We’ve visited her own gallery at Two Shores Gallery of Fine Art and encourage you to visit there also, especially to see some of Mathilde‘s earlier works. Do come see her work at Ce Soir Arts whilst it is here; we are enjoying having these beautiful pieces here.

The spirit of Mathilde‘s art is unmistakably hers, and you must come see it. You will enjoy every moment as you wander the spaces to take it all in. In the Ce Soir Arts Gallery on the main level of the venue space, Mathilde has placed pieces that shine with a softer, quieter energy; those elegant colours of blues, lavenders, whites, greys…sparked with a bit of green or yellow here and there…are so pleasing to the eye and to the soul. Come steep in the ambience they create.

At The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts, Mathilde has chosen an exciting array of vibrant, brightly coloured pieces that will enliven you on viewing them. There is a hum with these works, an energy that speaks, and they fill The Conservatory with their vibrancy and spirit. It will be a challenge to choose one or more to purchase and take home, but perusing them will delight you in the process.

We thank Mathilde for sharing her wonderful work with us at Ce Soir Arts. We are enjoying having her in as our November Guest Artist. It is our pleasure to have these works here and to share them with so many who come to enjoy.

The Abstract Art of Mathilde Vhargon - at Ce Soir Arts through November
The Abstract Art of Mathilde Vhargon – at Ce Soir Arts through November

The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts

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