Russell and then MoShang – Live – at Ce Soir Castle…

You’ll want to set your clock so you can come round to Ce Soir Castle tonight, to enjoy two great shows.

First, RUSSELL EPONYM will be in at 2 PM SLT with his trademark folk, blues and beyond. It will be 90 minutes of fun – guaranteed! Russell’s music ranges from sweet folk numbers to tender love ballads to his own exceptional compositions. It’s a charming hour-PLUS with friends, and there are always new faces coming in to see what The Music Whisperer has to offer. Intricate finger-style guitar (both six- and twelve-string), velvety vocals, and Russell’s outstanding stage presence is really only part of the package; Russell brings a lively, warm spirit that people very much enjoy. There will be humour, beautiful music, and lots of charming chatter, so come join us!

At 8 PM SLT, The Sound Jeweler MOSHANG ZHAO will deliver the enchanting CHINESE CHILL. Streaming live from  Taiwan, MoShang brings us the very best in downbeat electronica. This chilled-out groove is a delight every week, and a very cool, eclectic crowd joins us. Always a beautiful experience, filled with restful, energising music and fun times, MoShang‘s show is always a treat. He connects with the crowd and peppers the hour with just the right amount of informative, charming banter. He’s a technological wonder, and his show is an experience not to be missed. We’ll see you here at the Castle!

Russell and MoShang

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