New works by Owen Landar grace The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts through December…

Exciting new works by Owen Landar that are on exhibit at Ce Soir Arts Gallery through the month of December are exceptional pieces from his Omagination Studio. I remember the delighted smile that crossed my face when I first saw these beautiful works, placed so beautifully on the gallery walls. Each is rich with perspective and striking style that takes a new direction in Owen‘s growing body of work. Light and movement are hallmarks of this special collection, and both will take you deeper into the emotional landscapes Owen paints with his camera. Looking through his lens, you will be captured by the depth of vision and beauty he so deftly displays, depicting elements and emotions so clearly – and yet with a wash of subtlety that draws you in and holds you gently.

A very special celebration of Owen‘s work will be held on the Ce Soir Arts Gallery Lawn December 11 at 1 PM SLT. The beautiful and talented songstress LISA BRUNE will provide an hour of lovely music for our enjoyment. Her glorious breathy vocals and charming banter make an hour with Lisa pure joy! Do plan to attend this wonderful event! Turn right at the Ce Soir Arts Landing to join us…

The Art of OWEN LANDAR in at Ce Soir Arts Gallery through December
The Art of OWEN LANDAR in at Ce Soir Arts Gallery through December

From the artist: ” This collection of images is the result of my exploration of some of the elements: air, water, earth; emotions and aspirations…rage, freedom, sensuality, strength; the freedom of flight; the power, serenity and beauty of water; the strength in surrender; the peace and sensuality of a quiet embrace. I’m sure there is more to be seen and experienced but I will leave that to you!”

Come…be inspired tonight!

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