Fabulous Music, Wonderful Art: Lisa Brune Celebrating Owen Landar’s Art at Ce Soir!


Wow! What a party! The lovely LISA BRUNE flew in to help us celebrate new work from the ever-evolving photographic artist OWEN LANDAR. As planned, she arrived shortly before 1 PM SLT on 11 December and took the stage on the Ce Soir Arts Gallery lawn. Fans and friends flocked to enjoy her music in this atmosphere of art and beauty; her beloved JACK was along as well – a talented artist in his own right. Adding to both herself, LISA charmed us with simply outstanding vocals. Choosing her music well, LISA has added some simply gorgeous songs that are perfect for her – including an all-time favorite of ours: the deeply sensual No Ordinary Love by Sade. What can we say? LISA‘s natural, beautiful, breathy voice expressed this song with a degree of ease and precision rarely heard. Flawless!

Lisa Brune

LISA is known for her outstanding performances, for her delightful stage presence and sweet connection with her audiences. She brought all this and MORE to this wonderful celebration of OWEN‘s exciting new exhibit at Ce Soir Arts. While Aeon (who is sitting next to me right now) and I wrote a sparkling post to invite you all to this special event, we’re all but rewriting it afterward – because LISA blew us away with enticing new music and OWEN has captured our attention with this inspiring new work. Light and movement are the hallmarks of this collection from his Omagination Studio. You must come see! The exhibit will be open at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery through December…

Owen's Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts through December
Owen’s Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts through December

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