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Hello! Just a quick note to let you know of a new service on the website: the addition of a BLOGROLL to our sidebar at the right. Each of the blogs was selected with care and we hope you’ll pop round to see what’s going with each of them. We truly enjoy all of them – and we’re open to suggestions for others, so please share your favourites!

Click at the right under BLOGROLL anytime to access the following:

  • ACC Alpha: HaveIt Neox shares his artwork at this website, and much of what we’ve seen is simply outstanding – not to mention interesting and exciting to explore. Thank you, HaveIt!
  • Bryn Oh – What can one say about Bryn Oh that has not already been said? A premier artist in both SL and RL, Bryn brings a touch of fantasy to some otherwise very serious topics. Delicious and important work is presented here, along with current commentary on various topics.
  • Digital Rabbit Hole – Karima Hoisan is a lovely poet whose collaboration with the extremely talented Natascha Randt has resulted in some of the more interesting machinima being shared in SL today. Visit this website to learn more about, well, about all the things Karima is doing.
  • Draxtor…and media for all – This is one of our favourites! The Drax Files is a part of this website from Draxtor Despres. Totally timely and brilliant, the series interviews “WorldMakers” in both their RL and SL worlds. Each is fascinating and very well done!
  • Honour’s PostMenopausal View of SecondLife™ – Honour McMillan takes us around the grid in ways that no one else does – or can. She photographs stunning and otherwise interesting sims and invites us along for the adventure. Excellent!
  • In Cold Blood – Mr. Winter Jedfferson and Eve Petlyakov present fashion and lifestyle in a whole new light. They play off one another’s perspectives beautifully and the photography is stunning. Of course, there is that compelling DARK ELEMENT that Aeon and I simply adore…
  • iRez Salon – the virtual identity salon – FUN STUFF from Vanessa Blaylock (or whatever her nom du jour happens to be) that is more – timely articles delving into art, events and virtual reality will get your attention.
  • Living in a Modemworld – Inara Pey knows her stuff when it comes to the virtual world of SL. She shares some of the very best technical information – and in a way that keeps you going instead of letting your eyes glaze over. There’s so much more to this blog than that, but what a place to start!
  • Quan’s Travelogues – Quan Lavender makes her way around the metaverse and shares her own take on things like art and events as they happen. Her artistic soul is evident, so don’t miss it!
  • slum magazine – This is our go-to for all things SL. The articles – recurring and otherwise – are always well-presented and more than interesting. Explore the menu at the left when you get there…you won’t be disappointed.
  • Sophee Mojo – This wonderful fashion and lifestyle blog often sends me shopping! I love Sophee‘s choices and her photos are excellent. Brief but complete information about the items she’s covering will get you flying across the grid in no time!
  • Strawberry Singh – The delightful Strawberry Singh inspires me so often, I sometimes think I should just visit once a week – but I can’t stop myself from drifting over there every day. I love her write-ups and the tutorials are simply amazing (and they cover all the pertinent details needed for a happy and successful SL). If you want to know more about your avatar, look no further. And photos? Well, you’ll see how great they are on your first visit!
  • The Digital Pasture Penny Patton‘s blog is in the triumvirate of the three best blogs for SL technical and related information (see above for the other two). Always spot-on and well-presented, Penny’s information is up-to-the minute and completely useful.
  • Virtual Drifting – Wyatt Wellman offers a unique perspective on fashion and lifestyle in SL that has captured my imagination. While he’s been offline often lately, his recent posts have made up for the absence. Of course, we hope all is well and that he’ll be online more frequently, but we all have the RL/SL tussle, so we understand and will enjoy the blog whenever. He’s an artist, and it shows.
  • Ziki’s Blog – Ziki Questi takes us deeply into some glorious – and sometimes ponderous – sims. Her travels take her to exotic and exciting places as well as the simple and elegant – and we get to go along! Great photos and information are part of every post. So get yourself over there, already!

Of course, there are TONS MORE BLOGS to be discovered and visited. I’ll list some here later, so come back and check it out!

Come see us when you can. You’re always welcome at Ce Soir Arts! Here’s what you can find here today, so come, be inspired…!


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