A lovely tribute…

Yesterday, Aeon and I attended a portion of the Memorial Service for Quantamis Navarathna, who was suddenly taken from us December 23. The service was held at Quantamis‘ and Sedona‘s lovely venue Kingdom of Reallis at the Tryst Ridge sim. Many musicians performed at the event, and each one gave something very special in remembering and honouring one of their own. Beautiful music filled the air and the aura of genuine friendship and caring wrapped us all in a warm cloud of love and peace. We mourned, we celebrated, and we shared it more intimately than many might think possible in a virtual world – but love is very real and everyone who came brought a little more love to share.

More than 100 avatars at a time gathered to pay their respects and reminisce together. Kenzie Kytori, owner of Tryst Ridge sim had prepared the sim well for the gathering and while there was some lag and a few individual crashes, the sim stayed steady and true throughout. People came and went, and so there may have been up to 200 individuals participating – even more – over the nine hours of the event. The lovely Sedona welcomed us all with grace and accepted our love with sweetness. It was a very moving experience for everyone, for Quantamis will always be loved and admired – for his many talents and for his beautiful spirit.

You can see our last post for a listing of those who performed, so I won’t single anyone out, but all gave their hearts in half-hour segments that went beautifully. We had to leave, but were – by the graciousness of Sedona and also of Baz (Barry Kettery/Avantgarde Frequency) – able to listen in externally on iTunes. Our flight was a short one, and the plane had Wi-Fi, so we were able to listen to almost all of the music. It was beautiful, and there were many tears – tears of sadness, tears of love.

Thank you Sedona; you are in our hearts…and we offer our deepest condolences to you and to others in Quantamis’ family, many of whom were able to view and hear the event as it was happening.

We both took and have received some photographs; the one below captured our imagination. It was taken by a a kind person who has approved our use of the photograph, but who wishes to remain anonymous. We honour the request happily and thank them for sharing.

Quantamis Navarathna Memorial - From a Distance
Quantamis’ Memorial – From a Distance

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