2014 is here! Two years and counting at Ce Soir Arts!

2014 is here and we’re all abuzz with ideas for what Ce Soir Arts will be in the New Year, as some changes are ahead. Most are born of necessity, but all are welcome. Change is good. Nothing grows or develops without change. Sometimes challenging, perhaps, change is mandatory even (or maybe even especially) in the virtual world. We have so many options, so many opportunities here, that change is the natural state of things. Of course, stability and security are also desired, and you can count on this: whatever we do here has our hearts, our spirits, in it.

When we first decided to “do” Ce Soir Arts, we determined our purpose: to explore, welcome, invite inspiration in the relams of expression – art, literature, theatre, music and beyond. This is a true and deep joy to us, as we have witnessed much inspiration since 05 January 2012… That first day was incredible and we opened with none other than RUSSELL EPONYM, who came in at 2 PM that Thursday to sing – and he’s been doing it ever since! Now, he shares 90 minutes of the wonderful folk, blues, and beyond to delight appreciative crowds each week – still on Thursdays. The charming Eponymous Family gathers and others join in for what is always a wonderful show which RUSSELL streams LIVE – usually from Wales (or, as presently, from Australia). Do join us at Ce Soir Castle; you will be warmly welcomed! We added RUSSELL as our first regular poet in June 2012 (although he read for the first time on Valentine’s Day!) – and he has since been named Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts, both titles more than well-deserved. In fact, it is our honour to have him in those capacities here, and we look forward to the coming year when more innovative and perhaps even challenging expressions from art, literature, and music including theatre will be offered. Stay tuned, friends!

MOSHANG ZHAO also played on opening night at Ce Soir back in 2012. He has since retained his 8 PM time slot on Thursdays, and we’ve become quite a group, gathering as we do to enjoy the very best in LIVE chilltronica from across the ocean in Taiwan. Innovative and smooth, this exciting mix of sonic joy both energises and relaxes the listener, and MOSHANG always provides just the right touch of information and warm banter to go along. Come enjoy with us and visit him at moshang.net for an array of downloadable sounds and more information about his unique and very pleasing music and recordings.

MOSHANG will come in on Chinese New Year (Thursday, 28 January) to share an hour of outstanding selections as he DJs some of his favourites for us – and then offers another hour of LIVE MOSHANG. It’s going to be quite a party, so don’t miss it at Ce Soir Castle, 8 PM as usual. Dress up! Get into The Year of the Horse and enjoy! Other musical and poetic artists will join these two as the year moves along. Look for some of your favourites to return to the Ce Soir stage. Watch the blog and in-world announcements for details…soon!

Don’t forget – Ce Soir Arts is open all the time for your enjoyment. Wander the gardens, relax with a special someone or gather with friends to dance and chat. Enjoy the work of outstanding artists who cycle through The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts. This month – DREAMSCAPES by Carlotta CEAWLIN grace both locations with beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away…

Happy 2014, everyone! Thank you for your patronage, support, and friendship these past two years. You all mean more to us than we can say, as you share your spirit with us when you come to visit. Welcome anew to Ce Soir Arts!

Ce Soir Arts NEW November 2012 LOGO

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