Our Poet Laureate has a change of date and time…

As most of you know, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts RUSSELL EPONYM is on travel to sunny Australia, visiting the lovely Kadoodle in Melbourne. How wonderful that is for the two of them – and Russell has managed the time so he can continue reading and playing music in SL whilst he is away from Wales. That’s just fantastic for us all, and we’re happy to make the adjustment so we can continue gathering at The Magic Tree to be regaled with Russell‘s readings and ruminations – plus a song or two!

Join us today at 1 PM SLT to enjoy Russell's wonderful readings!
Join us at 1 PM SLT for Russell’s reading!

Come join us TODAY – MONDAY, 13 January at 1 PM at The Magic Tree Reading Spot. We’ll be meeting here on Mondays at this time for at least several weeks to come – and then, we’ll adjust again as Russell returns to Wales. Isn’t it wonderful that – as Russell so often says – we can meet in SecondLife from all over the world? It is so much fun to meet people from various countries, and we seem to manage the time zones pretty well, overall! Living at or close to SLT has its advantages, but I’m a bit of a night owl – and I tend to wake early also – so I have to monitor myself pretty closely to be sure I get enough rest. Life is hectic, and I find SL very relaxing – even when its busy. And who wouldn’t absolutely love hearing all this glorious prose and poetry and music?

Aeon and I welcome you at Ce Soir Arts – any time you are free and can pop round. So check the schedule and attend a concert, play, exhibit, or reading if you can, but do feel welcome to come at other times to wander the gardens, dance, chat with friends, or simply relax in the ambience that is Ce Soir!

Come today to enjoy Russell‘s reading; his Thought for the Day is worth the trip alone! After, visit The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts to enjoy Carlotta Ceawlin‘s beautiful, mystical artwork. You’ll be ever so glad you did!

Ce Soir Arts NEW November 2012 LOGO

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