Thank you! FAB Friday was…FABulous!

Wow. Mireille and I are speechless – and you know (especially in her case) how rare that is! We’re just completely in awe of the kindness and generosity of folks in Second Life – and especially of those who came in at Ce Soir Arts yesterday. FAB Friday was indeed FABulous, and YOU made it so!

I had almost dared people to come and break my bank (by matching funds raised) in an effort to up the ante on donations at the fundraiser for Creations for Parkinsons TEAM FOX that was three hours of some of the best music in SL – and three hours of some of the best good times, ever! You folks took my dare and met it in fine style, as we exceeded our goals for all three hours of the event! Hoping to raise at least $L5000 during each half-hour of the event, we ended up DOUBLING that amount, receiving $L60000 in donations. That’s wonderful, and we thank every single one of you who even set foot on Ce Soir during those three hours. Those who could not donate shared a beautiful spirit with everyone, and that my friends, is worth its weight in gold – three times over. And those who could share dug deep indeed, demonstrating their generous hearts and sharing a kindness that moves us… Yep, we’re sitting here penning this with tears. Yep! Even me!

We have so many to thank, so let’s start with Barbie Alchemi and her lovely mother, Fran Serenade (and the very cool Creations4Parkinsons too!), who came to inspire us all. Thank you, ladies (and C4P)! Thank you for being here for FAB Friday and for all you do through Creations for Parkinsons for the cause! They came and inspired us and then moved on to another cool event – being featured on XTC Radio. Woots!

 TODAY, there’s another fundraiser for the group at Angelwood Bay where the Dazzlers Dance Group will perform and entertain. Contact organizers angel Kingmaker, Eric Difference, or SolasNaGealai to purchase your ticket at only $L300, and do go enjoy at 2 PM SLT!

You’ve seen the lineup from yesterday, but it bears repeating that these outstanding musicians are all dear to us – and not just because they gave of their time and talent yesterday. The truth is, we love them all for many, many good reasons, mostly because they are some of the truly nicest, most creative and kind people we have encountered in our (just this month!) five years in SL. So…a HUGE thank you to:

NOON – Jordan Reyne, noted even though she had to cancel due to medical advice to rest her voice!

*★*The siren of steampunk and industrial folk noir, Jordan Reyne streams live from the UK delivering a riveting set of her original songs. Celtic vocals and looped percussions create one of the most evocative live music experiences in Second Life.  *★*

12:30 PM – TwinGhost Ronas, who also stepped in and played Jordan’s half-hour too!

♫ ♬*Sweet and mellow meet moving and thought-provoking in the music of TwinGhost Ronas. With a charming mystical note to top it off, the mix is a compelling deep groove. Soulful rock and pop brilliance fill the air at Ce Soir Castle! *♬ ♫

1:00 PM – Saintess Larnia

✫♫ Saintess can sing a sweet love song or give power to the blues, her voice wrapping itself around your heart. Her own sassy-sexy originals are delightful tales from the life of a modern girl, and here we are, swaying to that sweet Saintess sound! ♫✫

1:30 PM – BAZ (Barry Kettery/Avant)

–♬♬ From jazz to blues to classic rock to R&B to acoustic pop, BAZ takes us there. Whether full studio arrangements or solo voice and acoustic guitar or piano, this guy brings pro audio engineering skills, strong musicianship & his quirky personality for us to enjoy! ♬•♬


★✦The truly progressive music of DRAGONFLY is unquestionably of the highest calibre. Undertones of deep and exotic themes rise through the score and capture your imagination, and leadman Joel Eilde has a voice that is unforgettable. You just can’t help but MOVE when Joel is in the house! ✦★

2:30 PM – Lisa Brune

♬♥ •° Lovely Lisa streams live from France with stunning, breathy vocals and sweet ongoing banter. Audiences adore Lisa, and as she serenades, it is easy to see why! She’s a mix of everything wonderful: soft, strong, sweet and spicy – and it all shows in that outstanding voice! °•♥♬

One more round of thanks and then I am outta here to enjoy one of Mireille‘s tasty breakfasts and start another day! Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford looks around for some of M’s café au lait. Oh, wait! I’m the cofeeman! BRB – LOL…

There are some other people to thank – other than YOU, of course. YOU are one of the main reasons we do what we do, so thank YOU! AND…

Sparkie Cyberstar, management for Jordan Reyne

Staciface Schwartz, managernent for TwinGhost Ronas

Lingual Markus, management for Saintess Larnia

sweetpea Shilova, management for BAZ

Bonita Denimore, management for DRAGONFLY

Jack Nichols, management for Lisa Brune

If you have a venue (or a special event coming up), contact these folks! We won’t even start the individual stories…there are too many! Just let us say we admire them. Oh, yeh!

Have a great weekend, everyone! And pop over to Ce Soir Arts for some dancing, relaxing, and wandering about the venue spaces. Enjoy the gorgeous landscapes in DREAMSCAPES by the astounding artist Carlotta Ceawlin, on exhibit at the Gallery and Conservatory at Ce Soir through January.

Come…be inspired tonight!

Ce Soir Arts - Photo by Ziki Questi
Ce Soir Arts – Photo by Ziki Questi

Visit Ziki’s Blog about this event and more!

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