A few changes…

We had a marvelous week at Ce Soir Arts, and many of you were the reason why. Hosting a FAB Friday fundraiser for Creations for Parkinsons TEAM FOX was almost too much fun and we thank you all again for your presence, your spirit, and your generosity.

As we are moving forward in this new year, it is time for change once more. We’re starting with the blog this time, giving it a bit of a facelift. It’s nothing drastic, but we think you’ll like the subtleties we’re embracing. New posts will look a mite different and we believe the change is good: calmer fonts and colours but still lots of pizzazz when the moment is right.

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Day in the US, and we’ll be celebrating with some special events in our community. Pausing to commemorate Dr. King’s life and honour his work in peacefully pursuing the cause of justice is a reminder that we can all make a difference in our world. We believe that is so in both the real and the virtual worlds, and that making a meaningful difference is much easier than we might think. From donating to causes such as Creations for Parkinsons, Feed-A-Smile, or any number of reputable charities with a presence in-world to volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or your local family resource centre, opportunities abound. Check it out for yourself – and remember that recycling takes so little effort and smiling at strangers takes no time at all; the benefits are so many…

The Magic Tree Reading Spot with Russell Eponym - Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts
The Magic Tree Reading Spot with Russell Eponym – Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts

Speaking of benefits, we’re all set to welcome Poet Laureate Russell Eponym to The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir Arts later today. It’s just past the witching hour here on SLT, and Russell will be here at 1 PM to charm us with his wit and wisdom – and his fine readings and ruminations. He’s in Australia yet, and so his time remains at 1 PM until he returns to Wales. If you’ve not come over to hear Russell, you are truly missing out! It’s one of the finest hours of our week and we look forward to it with anticipation. Come join us for an hour of poetry, prose, and music from the premier poet in SL, winner of the 2014 Avi Choice Award for favourite poet/spoken word performer/actor – male. Russell always has a lovely collection to share, with depth, beauty, and a delightful dash of humour. It’s magical indeed, and you are welcome to come along!

☆*Do come early or stay after to visit at the Gallery and Conservatory to experience the enchanting art of Carlotta Ceawlin – on exhibit through January.  DREAMSCAPES – beautiful landscapes filled with light await you! A celebration of Carlotta’s artwork is in-the-works – so look for an announcement about that soon!*☆

Come…be inspired tonight!

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