Did you see the Grammy Awards??!!

Not ones to be overly into awards shows and all… Aeon and I were at home, working on our computers when we decided to check the weather. The television, not used to being asked to come on all that often, defaulted to a station that was showing the Grammy Awards. There was a nice musical number being performed at the moment and so we stayed round to hear it. After that, we checked the weather and went back to work. Somehow (perhaps we needed a break?), we ended up turning the television back on and settling in with cocoa and everything to watch the Grammy Awards. We’re not sure exactly what drew us back, but WOW are we glad!

First of all, the current music is very good and well worth a listen. Truly talented songwriters and singers, dancers, and other entertainers were putting on a nicely-paced show that was, well, special. One thing that got our attention was the sheer number and scope of older musicians who were showcased. It was so surprising to us, and so much fun to see them up there! We know who Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Steven Tyler, Metallica and Willie Nelson are! (If you take this as an indication of our ages, be careful…one can be young-at-heart- and actually young too, you know!) *giggles*

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed the show – and I managed to listen well too. I really am getting better! As much as I loved the recent fundraiser, three hours of music is still just too much for my brain at the moment – but this is improving steadily, so no worries! BUT…I didn’t post this as an update on me; it is a means of pointing you to some outstanding music and information you might find to be of interest.

Did you know that Daft Punk (from FRANCE!) collaborated with a host of talented people on this song – and others of their work? If you are at all interested in such things, you must check out The Collaborators at the Random Access Memories album website. From Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers who are part of the recording and videos to Paul Williams and Chilly Gonzalez who played very important but more behind-the-scenes roles, you’ll enjoy learning more. Do yourself a favour and spend a little time with this fascinating information about some of the world’s greatest musical talents. And then…put on Get Lucky…and DANCE!

More posts coming in just a bit, for we have some special things coming up!

we’re up all night to get lucky….we’re up all night to get lucky….we’re up all night to get lucky

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