Gung Hay Fat Choy! It’s Chinese New Year at Ce Soir!

Today is Chinese New Year and the world welcomes in the Year of the Horse. We’ve done a little research to learn more about the Chinese Zodiac, and it’s quite intriguing – not completely unlike the standard celestial zodiac that many of us know and follow. Here’s the basic zodiac:

Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac

There are some locations on the Internet that give fairly good information – as far as we can tell – so do look it up if you are interested in knowing more. For us, we’re in celebration mode and are looking forward to an outstanding evening with MOSHANG ZHAO! He’ll be in early tonight, starting out with a DJ set at 7 PM, sharing some of his favourite cool tunes from cutting-edge musicians in electronica and more. With just the right mix of music and information, he will keep us dancing and intrigued throughout the hour. Each piece will be from an outstanding artist who’s garnered the MoShang Excellence Award – so don’t miss this opportunity to hear more from MoShang about music, culture, and a whole lot more!

THEN, at 8 PM, MoShang puts his spin gear away and grabs his Shruthi synth to deliver the smooth sounds of the ever-evolving and transcendent Chinese CHILL. Join us to marvel at these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection under the skillful hand of The Sound Jeweler himself. Celebrate the Year of the Horse in style at Ce Soir Castle! Here’s your trusty steed to Ce Soir!




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