Russell Eponym 90 minutes of folk, blues, and beyond – 2 PM SLT at Ce Soir Castle!

Russell Eponym 3RUSSELL EPONYM, Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts comes in at his usual time today to charm us with his exceptionally enjoyable music, a growing collection of historical folk tales set to music and his own lovely compositions. Lyrically beautiful and musically rich, the Russell Eponym sound invites the listener in. Sweet melodies and toe-tapping tunes showcase his unique finger-picking guitar style, his velvety voice, and his talents with the harmonica, banjo and even the kazoo! From dreamy love ballads to songs that will tickle your funnybone, Russell has them all! Add the delightful Eponymous Family of friends who gather to enjoy his music, and you are in for a charming hour indeed!

At landing, walk ahead and up the stairs or take the teleporter. Come, be inspired tonight – and enjoy this lively mix of musical genres performed by truly a founding member of the music scene in SL. Russell just celebrated his EIGHTH REZ DAY…so don’t forget to offer your congratulations!

See you here!

Ce Soir Arts NEW November 2012 LOGO

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