Cypress Rosewood and MoShang Zhao CHILL at Ce Soir Arts – 06 February – 7 & 8 PM SLT

We’ve been fans of outstanding space musician Cypress Rosewood, known as the Merlin of Music by RL critics and SL followers alike, since our first year in SL. RL’s Tony Gerber captured our interest when we encountered him one evening playing his unique and thrilling groove at a planetary, up-in-the-stratosphere venue we just happened to come across in our newbie explorations. We’d not heard anything like this sound…anywhere. It was a riveting but very cool and relaxing experience, and one we’ve never forgotten. Now, we come what feels like full circle, throwing wide the castle portuculis (the medieval, proverbial doors!) and welcoming Cypress with his rich sound – full of meditative, soaring spirit and an array of deft electronic instrumentation including flutes, guitars and synthesizers – to the Ce Soir Arts stage at last!

Following Cypress‘s Ce Soir Arts debut (we have a feeling he’ll be back…), perennial fave at Ce Soir Castle, MoShang Zhao will take the stage and drive the groove in the direction of the ever-evolving and transcendent Chinese CHILL. His sets are delightfully peppered with just the right amount of informative banter and everyone who gathers is bound to enjoy the hour. MoShang‘s innovative sound allows us to relax, unwind, and get energised all at the same time. Quite an experience, every week, it’s a natural this night, as both musicians bring astounding talent and incredible inventive style to this wonderful world of musical magic. Cosmopolitan, down-home, and a whole lot more, this music will weave itself around us.

We’ll be celebrating a friend’s recent accomplishments that night, and we can think of no better lineup for the party than the inimitable Cypress Rosewood and The Sound Jeweler, MoShang Zhao. Cypress‘s uber-cool, transporting space music and MoShang‘s Chinese CHILL – a cool downbeat electronica steeped in history with an eye to the future – are a perfect match, and we can’t wait ’til Thursday rolls around this week! You’d better mark your calendars, friends! You do not want to miss this two hours of sheer sonic joy. More info on this exciting event soon!



Come…be inspired tonight!

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