Black-and-White Portrait Challenge – from Strawberry Singh

OK. You already know that I love to take photographs…and since I’ve had a wee bit of time recently, I’ve started to reeeeealllyy get into it. I mean: really. It’s crazy! I find myself at odd moments snapping away. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, I seem to be COMPELLED to record it pictorially. So weird! And so wonderful…

The thing is, I have so much to learn! Take today, for example. I am taking some photos in black-and-white (I LOVE that!) for Strawberry Singh‘s B&W Portrait Challenge – in black-and-white, of course. You have to realise that I am a NEWBIE when it come to PhotoShop. Yes, I’ve had the software for ages and I recently went to the Cloud with it. I have ALL the bells and whistles…but I don’t use them. Not yet. I’m stuck in Publisher Purgatory or something.

BUT…I have a new computer on order. It should be here before Valentine’s Day, and we can’t wait. (Did I mention that Aeon is getting a new computer too?) I plan to set mine up completely differently, this time, and vow to learn PS at last. In the meantime, today I took more than 100 snaps – and ended up with 10 I pretty well like. Funny, all 10 of the ones I like have the same clothing and backdrop. Hmmm… I find that interesting. Somehow.

So…here’s the Top Two at the moment. Do let me know what you think! And do…PLEASE…be kind, but clear if you have a critique to offer. I welcome your comments, should you have any. Leave them at comments here on the blog or IM me in-world if you’d prefer to deliver the bad news that way. Merci ! (And I expect that you’ll have something nice to say too – such as, “What a brave girl you are, Mireille!” *giggles, but appreciatively*

M - B&W 1
M – B&W 1
M - B&W 2
M – B&W 2

Well, there you have them! I see imperfections and things I would change in both, but I’m really happy with them, overall. What a learning experience! I’ve got a wish too – about some training I’d like to have related to photography in-world. More on that later…

  • Hair: Maylee (Midnight) at Exile by Kavar Cleanslate
  • Skin: Islode Vivante #5 (Exodi) by Ryker Beck (no longer available, to my knowledge)
  • Shape: Bella (modified) at Pulse Skins by Lorac Farella (no longer available, to my knowledge)
  • Hands and Nails: SLink Casual by Siddean Munro
  • Jewelry: Satellite (Calypso) at VOX by Eidolon Aeon
  • Clothing: Barbarella Jacket at MEB by Lika Melli
  • Boots (although you can’t see them in the photos!): Regency Boots (Black Leather) at BAX by Bax Cohen
  • Poses: in-Pose by Trinity Graves

Love, Mireille

Be inspired…tonight!

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