TONIGHT’s THE Night to CHILL at Ce Soir – with Cypress Rosewood and MoShang Zhao – 7-9 PM SLT


The inimitable space musician Cypress Rosewood, known as the Merlin of Music by RL critics and SL followers alike, orbits into Ce Soir Castle tonight at 7 PM SLT. RL’s Tony Gerber will play his unique and thrilling groove for an hour that will be spectacular! Cypress brings a riveting but very cool and relaxing sound, full of meditative, soaring spirit and an array of deft electronic instrumentation including flutes, guitars and synthesizers. It’s an inter- (and inner-) planetary experience that will stay with you long after the last note echoes in the hall. Cypress‘s talent is undeniable and the cutting-edge nature of his work is stunning. Don’t miss this all-too-rare opportunity to steep in this groove.

MoShang Zhao The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao
The Sound Jeweler

Perennial fave MoShang Zhao will take the stage at 8 PM and move us deftly along on the highway of the ever-evolving and transcendent Chinese CHILL. MoShang‘s innovative sound allows us to relax, unwind, and get energised all at the same time. The Sound Jeweler, who takes inspiration from the raw, everyday sounds of the streets of Taiwan, brings another unique experience that has roots in tradition and an eye on the future. Rich waves and solid beats blend seamlessly to wrap the sound around us as we dance or relax.

Both musicians whose gentle but definite presence command our attention, offer unique and astounding talent and inventive style to this wonderful world of musical magic. We are happy to present them to you tonight at Ce Soir Castle. We’ll be moving and grooving, and you’re invited!

Tonight, it’s all about something special – we’ll be celebrating a friend’s recent accomplishments in grand style with music that is at once cosmopolitan, down-home, and out-of-this-world! Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy two singular talents in one place – and to invigorate and soothe your soul in the process. What a great way to bring on the weekend!

Click for your magic carpet!

Come…be inspired tonight!

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