Taking a little blogging break…

We are inundated with things to do IRL to plan for the last phase of home and property repairs from the big storms (which have been hampered by more big storms that – thank heavens! – have not been nearly so destructive as that last couple of rounds). We’ll be away from home for a major portion of this, but back in time to oversee the painting and other more cosmetic final steps – AND the landscaping that will begin in May. Oh, my!

We’ll be around in SL to tend to things at Ce Soir Arts including a play or two, several very special art exhibits, many outstanding poetry sessions (plus some other readings), and some fine music too, but we won’t likely be quite as ubiquitous as usual. Leave us a note here at the blog or send us a notecard in-world if there is anything at all that we can do for you. We’ll keep the schedule updated and track with events. Mimi will be around to help more as soon as her semester concludes, so there will often be someone here to greet guests and answer questions; sometimes that will be Aeon or me – and we always enjoy those kinds of activities. Meeting people in SL is one of our greatest joys as we share Ce Soir Arts with everyone – especially the wonderful artists of every genre who grace us with their gifts. Thank you all! Updates to come…

Ce Soir Arts Logo - 2014 2 lighter

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