Looking back…looking ahead…

We view Ce Soir Arts as an expression of love, peace, hope, and inspiration; this has been our intent from the very beginning, venturing as we did into what was (for us) uncharted SecondLife® territory. We did our best to prepare by wandering the grid, scouring it for venues and galleries we liked, for those that spoke to us of art in as many expressions as we could find. The grid did not disappoint, and we enjoyed doing what we had always done – travelling about and enjoying treasure found – but with a different thought in mind. How would WE present a venue or gallery? Truly, we had so many ideas that we just stopped for awhile and went about our usual SL.

Now, some of you may already know this story, but here’s the overview in case anyone is interested at the moment: We were looking about for some new skins and avatar accessories, and we found ourselves at a favourite shoppe: Fallen Gods. Enchanted with so many things there, I literally ran right into a display of buildings – ones I HAD to go see! Aeon and I popped up to Alia Baroque‘s DEMO area, rezzed the Hall of Mysts as fell in love with it. Noting that there were two smaller structures in the set, our minds began racing…THIS is what we’ve needed to make the dream complete. And so, it was. That very night, we placed a platform above the sim and rezzed the Hall. The rest, as they say, is history. We had a grand time envisioning and decorating, a process that fell together rather quickly – especially with such wonderful help as we found in the very talented Garvie Garzo (creator of our non-pond, spooky trees, and walkways), MuddyT. Obscure (who taught me how to measure in SL), dear Cousin Silas (the all-round genius of the family), and several others who were consulted for various reasons.

Who to have in for music? Art? Poetry? Theatre? We had no idea how to go about this, but a few names kept rising to the top and so it would be Russell Eponym (the Renaissance Man Extraordinaire who would go on to become Poet Laureate & Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts); Skye Galaxy (the incredibly talented musician, Sean Ryan), and MoShang Zhao (creator of the wonderfully tranquil and yet energetic Chinese Chill) who would open the place for us. Lovely artist and friend Loquacia Loon shared the first exhibit at The Gallery, as well. Needless to say, 05 January 2012 was a red-letter day for us indeed. Since then, so many very talented musicians, poets, visual artists, and actors have played The Castle and have filled The Theatre, The Gallery, and now the The Conservatory with beauty. We can hardly take it in, sometimes, but we’re hungry for it still…

As most of you who are reading this know, we’ve been in a bit of a slower mood at Ce Soir Arts since last summer. An accident (giving me some limitations that are very slowly resolving) and three bouts of bad storms (resulting in damage to our home and property on all three occasions) have led to this, but do stay with us for some of the most innovative and enchanting opportunities available including weekly music shows with Russell and MoShang; readings with Russell and several other fine poets (such as Morgue McMillan, Karima Hoisan, and Luna Branwen; and special celebrations of art that include music from a variety of SL’s fantastic musicians (Lisa BruneSaintess LarniaSamm Qendra, and Whirli Placebo come to mind) and dancing; as well as unique readings and theatrical productions to come.

We’ll do more charity events as well, much like the FAB FRIDAY we did for Creations for Parkinson’s – TEAM FOX – earlier this year. What a fine time we had! We cannot thank these people enough: TwinGhost Ronas, Saintess Larnia, Lisa Brune, Baz (AVANT), and DRAGONFLY (Joel Eilde). Stay tuned for summer plans for charity and for educational events, plays, regular music shows, and more… You’re likely to hear these talented musicians at Ce Soir Arts! And don’t forget…the place is open 24/7, and there is always art to see and music playing. Dance, relax, and enjoy; you are welcome here for rest, quiet time alone or with someone special, and much more. Merci !

Viens, être inspiré ce soir ! Come, be inspired tonight!

Ce Soir 2014
Ce Soir 2014

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