Romance at Ce Soir with FUSCHIA NIGHTFIRE…

Titled ROMANCE at CE SOIR, strikingly beautiful works including photographs, machinima, and sculptural art from the gifted artist Fuschia Nightfire now grace the Gallery, Conservatory and gardens at Ce Soir Arts. Machinima of Russell Eponym singing and of romantic dance enjoyed at Ce Soir fills the Conservatory with an immersive experience not to be missed.

A mural artist in RL, specialising in trompe l’oeil, Fuschia brings a unique perspective to her virtual world work as well, exploring intriguing themes through her 3D art and machinima. Fuschia is interested in challenging perceptions of time and space, creating illusions of faked realities and using SecondLife® as an alternative medium for creating art through her multi-award winning 3D works and animated film. It is easy to see why Fuschia has enjoyed such success; her work is exceptional and her attention to detail is astounding. The spirit of her work is infused with a sweet energy that cannot be denied; it’s infectious – whether her topic is light or dark; Fuschia explores it all with a clear acumen and presence that is both pleasing and thoughtful.

Using theme, form, colour, and movement, Fuschia‘s work both sits easy with viewers and engages them in an exploration of time and space. Come lose yourself in her immersive machinima at The Conservatory; enjoy lovely photographs at The Gallery; discover romantic sculptures in the gardens. Come celebrate the romance she so elegantly captures at Ce Soir.

Romance at Ce Soir by Fuschia Nightfire
Romance at Ce Soir by Fuschia Nightfire

The quirky, eclectic, and completely delightful singer/songwriter  WHIRLI PLACEBO will provide an hour of original music to celebrate Fuschia’s work on Saturday, 15 March at 2 PM SLT. Known throughout SL as a unique and charming musician with many talents, Whirli will enchant us with what he calls “99% original, 1% WTF” music and performance. We can’t wait, and hope that you will join us for this fun hour to celebrate Fuschia’s work.

Fuschia will also be here for Russell Eponym‘s weekly music shows (every Thursday, 2 PM SLT), so please join us!

Viens, être inspiré ce soir ! Come, be inspired tonight!

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