An Hour with The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts…

Yes, our Poet Laureate – the inimitable and beloved Russell Eponym, he who was so aptly named the Favorite Poet/Spoken Word Performer/Actor – Male in the Avi Choice Awards for 2013, joins us every Tuesday at NOON SLT to share his singular talent with poetry and prose – and a whole lot more! Russell is a wonderful man whose kindness and warmth are known across the grid – and the metaverse. His performances of music, poetry, prose, and art delight audiences wherever he goes. His acumen is exceptional, his artistic gifts exquisite. How fortunate are we to be able to listen to him weekly at Ce Soir – once at The Magic Tree for poetry and song – and once in The Castle for 90 minutes of his unique and enchanting “folk, blues, and beyond!” We even get him to exhibit in The Gallery now and then – and right now, his music is featured in the beautiful installation Romance at Ce Soir by Fuschia Nightfire. Do visit The Conservatory for a real treat!

Russell is reading at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir today, and you are invited. Come gather in this cozy outdoor area for a time of enchantment.Russell will read and ruminate to his heart’s content, and we couldn’t be happier! Russell‘s readings make for a fine hour indeed!

Do come and enjoy with us whenever you can, for Russell‘s Thought for the Day and choice of poetry, prose and music is always a delight. Opening with classical and other fine music – and sharing both the writings of others and his own original works – Russell keeps us in rapt attention. He brings out the guitar for a song or two as well – including some of the most beautiful guitar instrumentals you can imagine. It’s magical!

Russell Reading at The Magic Tree

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