Thursday Music at Ce Soir Arts…

In the US, we’ve had the “spring forward” round of resetting our clocks – one hour ahead, making it much lighter in the evening than during winter. We have a love/hate relationship with this process, but have decided to accentuate the positive as they say. Whether you’ve had to reset your clocks at this time or not, you’ll want to set your clock so you can come round to Ce Soir Castle Thursday night, to enjoy two great shows.

The wonderful RUSSELL EPONYM will be in at 2 PM SLT with his trademark folk, blues and beyond. It will be 90 minutes of fun – absolutely guaranteed! Russell’s music is a delight, from sweet folk numbers to tender love ballads to his own exceptional and quite poetic compositions. It’s a charming hour-plus with friends and new faces coming in to see what The Music Whisperer has to offer. Intricate finger-style guitar (both six- and twelve-string), velvety vocals, and Russell’s outstanding stage presence is really only part of the package; Russell brings a lively, warm spirit that people very much enjoy. There will be humour, beautiful music, and lots of charming chatter, so do come along.

We’re expecting that Fuschia Nightfire, currently exhibiting at Ce Soir Arts, will be joining us, so come say hello and stay after to view her lovely exhibit (at The Gallery) and installation (at The Conservatory). Romance at Ce Soir features Russell‘s music and beautiful dance, a strikingly beautiful expression of Fuschia‘s talent and creativity. You will enjoy this elegant and expressive artwork, so be sure to visit.

At 8 PM SLT, The Sound Jeweler MOSHANG ZHAO will drop in from his travels round the metaverse to deliver the enchanting CHINESE CHILL. Streaming live from Taiwan, MoShang brings us the very best in downbeat electronica to our stage. This chilled-out groove is a delight every week, and a very cool, eclectic crowd joins us. Always a beautiful experience, filled with restful, energising music and fun times, MoShang‘s show is always a treat. He connects with the crowd and peppers the hour with just the right amount of informative, charming banter. He’s a technological wonder, and his show is an experience not to be missed. We’ll see you here at the Castle!

Russell and MoShang

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