Celebrating Fuschia Nightfire’s Art: WHIRLI PLACEBO – Saturday, 2 PM SLT

We are very excited about Saturday! Of course, it’s le weekend, something we all enjoy – but it’s much more than that at Ce Soir Arts this time around! WHILRLI PLACEBO will be dropping by to help us celebrate Fuschia Nightfire‘s wonderful exhibit and installation, Romance at Ce Soir. It will be a powerful hour of Whirli‘s outstanding original music, coupled with Fuschia‘s exceptional art – and a gathering of friends.

Whirli Placebo Inverse 512Whirli is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose experience and talent make for a unique and engaging show, no matter the venue or occasion. Entertaining, witty and passionate, you never know what he might come up with, but you can bet it will be some combination of smooth style and edgy surprise. (Doesn’t that sound exciting?! We certainly think so!) Whirli delivers an incredible hour of enjoyment. He has a smooth and easy style that makes fans of first-time listeners – and deepens the commitment of long-time followers. People report having so much fun that they don’t want the concert to end!

We are delighted to bring this powerhouse in to help us celebrate the art of Fuschia Nightfire for her exhibit Romance at Ce Soir. Come along and enjoy Whirli and his exceptional performance and explore this enchanting exhibit from one of our most cherished visual artists, Fuschia Nightfire. Turn right on landing and join us on The Gallery lawn for an hour you won’t soon forget! Do stay after to go up and visit the installation at The Conservatory. It’s beautiful and unforgettable too! (Psst: it features music by Russell Eponym!)

Romance at Ce Soir by Fuschia Nightfire (Gallery)
Romance at Ce Soir by Fuschia Nightfire (Gallery)
Romance at Ce Soir - The Conservatory - Scene with Russell Eponym
Romance at Ce Soir – The Conservatory – Scene with Russell Eponym

Do come join us on Saturday for the celebration with WHIRLI and with Fuschia! Visit anytime at The Gallery and The Conservatory to enjoy this lovely exhibit and installation.

Come…be inspired tonight!


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