Thursday Magic at Ce Soir Castle…

Russell - with folk, blues and beyond!
Russell: folk, blues and beyond!

We love Thursdays at Ce Soir Castle, as The Eponymous Family gathers at 2 PM SLT to enjoy the eclectic but very distinct RUSSELL EPONYM sound. From the first chord, you know it’s Russell! This singular talent with a plethora of expressions is often seen and heard here and it is our great pleasure to host him. He was the very first musician and the very first poet to share his talents here in January 2012. Opening Day at Ce Soir Arts was epic…and Russell was certainly one of the reasons why. His lovely vocals, rich like velvet, and his deft and unique finger-style guitar playing are just the beginning of what he offers in his musical show. A consummate artist, Russell reaches deep into British folk tradition and beyond, to embrace folk and blues from around the world. Historical tales set to music to contemporary tunes from the likes of Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman fill his repertoire, along with his very own enchanting and poetic compositions. Russell Eponym – covers and originals delivered with warmth and charm, just for you! Come gather with the Eponymous Family and enjoy! We never know what might come next – the banjo, the harmonica, the kazoooo…or just those wonderful songs we all love so much and those new ones that always delight. An hour-and-a-half with Russell on stage is always unique and always fun, and no one can pull out all the stops like Russell! He’s Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts for many reasons. Come enjoy some of what he has to offer today at 2 PM SLT. You’ll have a ball, guaranteed. It’s wonderful. It’s 90 minutes of magic – LIVE from Wales!

MoShang Zhao The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao
The Sound Jeweler

Then, after a bit of rest, we begin the elegant slide into the night that is MoShang Zhao. His inimitable Chinese CHILL soothes the soul and energises the spirit – all at the same time; it’s more musical magic for us to enjoy this Thursday night – and every Thursday night at 8 PM SLT at Ce Soir Castle. A technological genius whose compositions are creative and result in mesmerising (to say the least) sounds, MoShang, who streams LIVE from Taiwan, brings an incredible range of talent and skill to his work across the metaverse and in RL. Visit him at for some free downloads and lots of information about his special music. The Sound Jeweler knows his music, and he’s even DJ’d for us once – and promises to do so again, sharing some of his favourite tracks from musicians he admires. It was a blast last time and we can’t wait for him to come in and do that again – soon! But this Thursday night, it’s pure MoShang on the agenda, and you don’t want to miss a moment! Come prepared to dance or just sit back and relax to take it all in… At landing, walk ahead and up the stairs in the castle. Some very nice folks gather almost every week, so come join us and enjoy!

Don’t forget the beautiful exhibit and installation Romance at Ce Soir that is the creation of the exceptional mural artist and machinimist, Fuschia Nightfire! Her work is found in both The Gallery and The Conservatory throughout March –  as well as stunning sculptures at both entrances of The Castle. Don’t miss the immersive machinima at The Conservatory. It’s on MEDIA, and it will take your breath away – more MAGIC to enjoy! Pieces in The Gallery and Gardens are for sale so that you can continue to enjoy them at home.

Ce Soir Arts Logo - 2014 2 lighterCome, be inspired tonight! Your magic carpet…

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