Come enjoy 90 minutes of folk, blues, and beyond – today at 2 PM SLT

RUSSELL 0114 - The Castle at Ce Soir ArtsRussell Eponym, premier musician, poet and artist in SecondLife has been in SL awhile and he has done more for the arts than we can fathom. Not only does he provide outstanding shows of his own, he has encouraged so very many others. As we are all about inspiration at Ce Soir Arts, that delights us – through and through!

Russell charms audiences across the grid – and the metaverse in other virtual worlds – with his velvety voice and pleasing mix of “Folk, Blues and Beyond.” Historical folk tales set to music, to modern tunes from the likes of Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman, are but a part of his extensive repertoire. Indeed, Russell’s own compositions are the highlight of his performance. Don’t miss this 90 minutes of musical magic and charming repartee with the ever-enchanting Eponymous Family! There will be laughter, sweet romance, and more to enjoy, so come along. New faces are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts!

Please stick around after the show today to see the wonderful art of FUSCHIA NIGHTFIRE – on exhibit at The Gallery and The Conservatory. Her theme – Romance at Ce Soir – is lovely and beautifully executed in sculpture, photographs, and machinima. You must see it before the exhibit closes at the last moment of the month, so don’t hesitate to fly in to enjoy her exquisite work!

Romance at Ce Soir by FUSCHIA NIGHTFIRE
Romance at Ce Soir by FUSCHIA NIGHTFIRE

NOTEMoShang, who usually brings his astounding Chinese Chill in for our enjoyment at 8 PM SLT is on travel; he’ll return next week.


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