EARTH HOUR – A Chance to Save the World…

We heard some time ago about the World Wildlife Fund‘s campaign to increase awareness of environmental issues – and couple that with some ideas about what we can ALL do. Earth Hour is their sterling focus annually, with a very powerful symbolic action in which most everyone can participate. Whilst turning off the lights for an hour won’t make much of an actual dent in the environment or the energy situation, it will raise awareness and allow those who care to do something to spread the word. Let’s make it go VIRAL this year, by pledging to turn the lights off for one full hour at 8:30 PM (local time) tonight – 29 March 2014 (in the US).

As we’ve read and spoken to many people about this, we’ve learned that the effort, begun in 2007 in Sydney, Australia by our Aussie friends who were thinking about something they could do to make a statement about the encroaching issues of global warming and climate change. This idea took flight in New South Wales and addressed the foregoing as well as problems with energy (emissions from use of fossil fuels, spiraling costs, political concerns, etc.).

Every year since, the event has grown. New countries, cities, and towns join in each year, making it one of the most recognisable of the environmental events. However, not everyone knows about it, so we’re sharing here in the hopes that even a few of you will read about it – and go on to participate and learn more. It’s not just Earth Hour that matters – it’s what each of us does (and does not do) every hour. The cool thing is – we can all do SOMETHING that makes a difference. For more information about what you can try, click this link to Martha Stewart’s Whole Living page on GREEN LIVING!

Whatever you do for EARTH HOUR, have a great night – and remember that your actions matter!

With love,

Aeon & Mireille

We CAN make a difference!
We CAN make a difference!

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