One more note about the gifts of SL…

While we were away (both on travel for awhile and last week during some work at the house), we found some time in SL to relax. Sometimes, we’d be in different locations IRL and so we’d meet up at Ce Soir for a little quiet time together. Ah, the wonders of our digital metaverse just seem to multiply!

Whatever your endeavor here in the virtual world, I am sure you will resonate with the idea that there are many surprising gifts here. From the art, poetry, music, and creativity we enjoy – to the grace of kindness or the joys and challenges of true friendship that we find – there are wonders to be had here. From role play fantasies to everyday life, it’s an amazing technological feat that we’re even here. Just imagine – the whole of Ce Soir Arts (as it presently exists) floats meters and meters above the home sim, resting on a moving sea and surrounded by a changing sky that goes on forever. Wow.

Enjoy this second life, for it is really our first – just in new perspectives. What could be better? Yes, the many gifts of perspective upon perspective, layered richly beyond our wildest dreams.

Love is everything!
Love is everything!

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