A grand week is ahead at Ce Soir Arts!

As you may have read in Aeon‘s recent posts, last week was a bit of trial. Called home early from travel, we actually ended up staying at our favourite B&B for several nights whilst work on a very important part of the house took place. It’s a fabulous result, and I am sitting in that very room now and enjoying the view of softly greening hills whilst working on this post. Even though travels were cut short (at least temporarily), we are very happy. For one thing, we can now see and feel that the house and environs really will end up back in good condition, and have renewed our commitment to making it so. Worries seem to have vanished as we settle in and rest – which is just what we are going to do tonight and tomorrow: REST.

Ce Soir Arts is open, of course, for relaxation and dancing, so do visit. You will note that The Gallery and The Conservatory are being transformed from the lovely exhibit of the wonderful Fuschia Nightfire who presented Romance at Ce Soir – truly one of the most enjoyable exhibits we have hosted – to an exciting and altogether glorious exhibit of original fractal art by well-known and acclaimed artist Ranadeep. We are very excited to host his exhibit, but will miss Fuschia. We are keeping the sculptures at The Castle entrances, so stop by to enjoy those as you travel about. Not only did the gifted Fuschia put together a romantic exhibit including machnima that was, well, all about Ce Soir, her deft talents in an array of artistic skill expressed the romance inherent in this place. Romance at Ce Soir – done completely unbeknownst to us until we saw it – was one of the most charming surprises we have enjoyed since opening the venue spaces in 2012. Thank you so very much, Fuschia!

Ranadeep-Samm Sign

Now, the astounding fractal art that Ranadeep brings us will soon be filling both art spaces over the next couple of days. His exhibit opens formally on Wednesday, April 09 when the charming and sparkling vocalist Samm Qendra will join us, providing (at 3 PM SLT) an hour of music that will take our breath away. You’re invited, of course, to come round to enjoy her angelic voice and explore these striking works – all new! – from Ranadeep. He is an artist whose work always engages us, and both Aeon and I can remember with clarity the first time we encountered his work. I get lost in these pieces, finding the colours and forms enticing. The sense of movement – whether sudden or subtle – always gets my attention. Each piece will be set for sale as soon as Ranadeep is ready, and I can imagine that these artistic gems will find their way into many hearts and homes.

We will provide a more complete announcement of Ranadeep‘s exhibit soon, but you can have a sneak peek now; a quick look will only bring you back for more, and we couldn’t be happier about that! And don’t forget – Poetry & Song with the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, Russell Eponym, will be on Tuesday at Noon; as always, we will gather at The Magic Tree for an hour of what is always an enriching experience with the enchanting and erudite Russell, who invites us in for a special reading, every week.

The Magic Tree Reading Spot with Russell Eponym - Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts
The Magic Tree Reading Spot with Russell Eponym – Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts

It’s going to be a wonderful week at Ce Soir Arts; the above is just the beginning! Come along and enjoy!

Come...be inspired tonight!
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