Welcoming RANADEEP to Ce Soir Arts – with stunning fractals on exhibit through April…

It’s a beautiful morning, and we are quite excited about events unfolding at Ce Soir Arts as we speak (or blog)…

With an opening celebration scheduled for 09 April at 3 PM SLT – with the lovely and gifted SAMM QENDRA providing the music, we welcome fractal artist Ranadeep to Ce Soir Arts! His striking exhibit – Fractal Fantasy – will be open through April.

Ranadeep, a prolific and talented artist, brings us a collection of new fractal pieces that will simply take your breath away. Bright colours in bold strokes and more subtle yet engaging pieces fill both The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts through the month of April.

In his own words, Ranadeep is “a nomad soul ever so restless to explore the unknown and enjoy the bliss of creation.” It is this natural curiosity, this sense of being drawn ever onward to discover new perspectives, that draws the viewer of Ranadeep’s works and invites them in. Exploring every nuance, every bold stroke, is an exciting journey as the colours and lines of Ranadeep’s artwork express both the simplicity and complexity of shape, form, and texture.

Clearly, Ranadeep is an adventurer in art, an experimental artist open to new vistas. What inspires him is eclectic and varied, and his style cannot be captured, for it is as mercurial as the wind. His fascination with the nature of change has resulted in a growing body of work – one that is always new as inspirations come.

We are very pleased to welcome Ranadeep to Ce Soir Arts and to host a beautiful collection of brand new works from this prolific and very talented artist. His art is engaging and transcendent; do come and enjoy these stunning pieces. You will find a range of expressions at both The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts. All are available for purchase and Ranadeep will visit frequently, often enjoying the poetry and music of our Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym.

Take your time in The Gallery and up at The Conservatory to explore these new works that Ranadeep is sharing with us during this exciting exhibit. Let yourself be taken on a journey to a deep and expansive inner space. Let this art settle in and impart its beauty.


Ranadeep's Fractal Art - in at Ce Soir Arts through April
Ranadeep’s Fractal Fantasy – in at Ce Soir Arts through April

Come…be inspired tonight!

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