Join us as SAMM QENDRA Celebrates Fractal Fantasy – the Art of RANADEEP at Ce Soir Arts – 09 April!

We love the music of Samm Qendra and the art of Ranadeep – and so, we are quite pleased to invite everyone over to The Gallery Lawn tomorrow (09 April) at 3 PM SLT for a celebration of Ranadeep‘s art and this outstanding exhibit of new fractals from the artist. Fractal Fantasy is filled with bold forms and bright colours that mark the way as you explore this exciting exhibit at both The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts. SAMM for RanadeepCome along to enjoy both Ranadeep‘s striking new works and the glorious vocals of the gifted musician, Samm Qendra.

     Samm is a favourite, and we are thrilled to have her in to help us celebrate this long-awaited opening of Fractal Fantasy,  Ranadeep‘s art at Ce Soir Arts.   The beautiful Samm is a critical as well as a popular success wherever she performs. Her voice is rich and full and when she sings the angels pause to listen. She specializes in ballad and slow tempo music, and each song is one that touches the heart. When she sings “Memory” from the Broadway musical Cats, you can hear a pin drop in between each exquisitely sung note. Samm often steps out into new genres to challenge her wonderful and considerable vocal abilities, and her melodic voice always succeeds in reaching the audience with the message of a song, making each special indeed. We are most pleased to bring Samm Qendra back to our stage – and what an occasion: the celebration of Ranadeep‘s stunning exhibit of new fractals at Ce Soir Arts!

Fractals by Ranadeep - in at Ce Soir Arts through April
Fractal Fantasy by Ranadeep – in at Ce Soir Arts through April

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