A little music, a little wisdom, a little humour – and a dash of Shakespeare!

RUSSELL EPONYM was so spot on today with his readings and music at The Magic Tree. Of course, there’s nothing truly unusual about that, but just let me say that he had such a wonderful thematic thread running through everything today that it got my attention. PROMISES: what a wonderful thematic element. Russell’s ruminations are always very helpful to me, no matter the topic; he has a way of sharing that is so inclusive and lovely. Thank you, Russell!

The poetry was excellent, ranging from some light and sweetly funny verse to some deep work that got us all to thinking. Pondering…this is good, and Russell knows just how to spark the magic. He is beloved, and for good reason. Today’s addition of several excerpts from Shakespeare was simply wonderful! Those who gathered simply sat back and enjoyed – and took a lot to heart as well. I heard from several who remarked about how much thinking they were doing…and how much enjoying! It’s always a lovely group who gathers, and we can look forward to a special event with Russell as well as his regularly scheduled appearances. More about that soon!

If you’ve not come along to be enchanted by Russell’s exceptional talent with the spoken word, do consider coming along next time. He was awarded the Avi Choice Award for Best Spoken Word Artist: Male this past round – and it is well-deserved. He reads at Ce Soir Arts’ The Magic Tree Reading Spot every Tuesday at NOON SLT, and we’d all love to see you! It’s a comfortable environment – outside under the sky and The Magic Tree. There are lots of comfy seats and a lovely nature feeling, with flowers, buttterflies, and little birds – perfect for Spring, or any season…like Russell and his music and poetry.

Come join us next time…and catch his musical show on Thursdays at 2 PM SLT at Ce Soir Castle! Folk, blues, and beyond is wonderful – it encompasses historical tales set to music and many contemporary tunes as well. His originals are poetry indeed! Hope to see you there this week!

Join us today at 1 PM SLT to enjoy Russell's wonderful readings!
RUSSELL READS at The Magic Tree

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