Spring fever! Or something like it…

Greetings! We hope you are having a wonderful weekend and will take a little time to come round to see Ranadeep‘s outstanding exhibit called Fractal Fantasy…it’s striking and beautiful in its color and composition. He is unique and quite visionary in his work. Don’t miss it at both The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts! I think we might be extending the exhibit, so stay tuned!

Ranadeep's Fractal Art - in at Ce Soir Arts through April
Ranadeep’s Fractal Fantasy – a joy to see at Ce Soir Arts!


While that beauty shimmers at Ce Soir Arts, Mireille and I have been derelict when it comes to posting, but we have good reason. Reasons, plural, as it turns out…

First, it’s SPRING! And then, we have some things to tend to in this more-than-a-year-long effort to bring our house and properties back following some very serious storm damage. Lots has been done, and we are very pleased. Yesterday, for example, more work on Mireille‘s back yard. Wow, did it need it! Leaves and limbs and clumped-up sod have been removed and smoothed out; weeds have been pulled; flowers and plants have been put in; her herbe garden is all set with rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, and more including some bright tomatoes, carrots, peppers – and bright orange marigolds that (I am told) keep the varmints away from the herbes. It’s very colorful out there and the deck is repaired (on that side of the house – LOL) and all decked out! What a return to normalcy this represents! With this done on the outside and the den all fixed up on the inside, we can actually pretend that it’s all done…for a little while. Fortunately, the new roof is holding and work has begun elsewhere too, so we’re good! (I won’t mention that the kitchen is a bit out-of-sorts at the moment! But…we have great restaurants in our area and Mireille is quite clever in sorting out how to grille veggies and the like. So what if breakfast was nothing more than delicious English muffins and coffee? I’m good!)

Just wanted to update and make note that we’re not just lollygagging about. Look for a post from Mireille soon about coming events. Remember that you are always welcome at Ce Soir. Come…be inspired tonight!



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