Monday Meme…on a Tuesday…

Here we go with the wonderful Strawberry Singh meme for Monday this week: My Blogging Journey Challenge. This one was fun – and informative! Pop round and do your own; it is surprisingly revealing….

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers to your post, delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so others can come by and read your answers as well!

  1. Which electronic devices do you use to blog with? Both Aeon and I use our laptops for blogging. We just got new ones that are quite powerful and have full keyboards (with numeric keypads) and nice large screens, so we’re very happy using these. SL is amazing on them with the powerful drive and updated graphics cards – and we’re wireless, even! We have both used our tablets a time or two – mostly when on short-duration travel. While we have the WordPress app on our phones, neither of us has used it…yet.
  2. Do you have a mission statement for your blog, if so, what is it? Our mission for the blog was to post the schedule at Ce Soir Arts for art, theatre, music, and written word readings…but with all that has been happening for us RL (and SL, for that matter), we’re shifting a bit to more in-depth information about those things – and a bit more personal notation as well. We have some big plans for changing Ce Soir‘s area (as in: space available), so we’ll be sharing about that too. We’re considering adding another blog, but have not decided as of this moment.
  3. How do you feel about blogs that use their platforms to spread negativity? Like Berry, we ignore blogs that spout negativity in any form. We might sneak a read just to keep our awareness up, but if it’s not positive, helpful, informative, inspiring or otherwise valuable, just count us out. The only exception is someone who has a legitimate issue to raise and may just not know how to present challenging information without being unnecessarily negative. That, we will read in order to learn; but, honestly, there are ways to express difficult situations and feelings that are helpful and healing; we’d like to encourage that.
  4. Are you a grammar junkie? Do you thoroughly check your blog for errors before posting and/or do you judge other people’s posts if they contain errors? We are both a bit perfectionistic when it comes to blogging (or most anything else, to be honest). We do our best, but lose patience and hit the Publish button – sometimes too early. We check and recheck – and have been known to change things some time after the original posting date. Sigh…….. As for judging others, we just don’t. Really bad grammar bothers both of us and we find too much webspeak to be a bit irritating, but we just smile and go on; judging others is just not in the cards for us. Nobody is perfect.
  5. If you could switch blogs with another blogger who would it be? Hmmm… For me, it would likely be Dantelicia Ethaniel. OMD, I love her artistry! There are others whom I admire greatly, and it would be fun to be Berry for awhile and travel about, meeting all the cool people (and being so good at photography!). I wouldn’t shy away from manning the helm at Honour McMillan‘s blog (if I could have her talent for finding cool places!) or maybe hanging out at Ricco Saens‘ Second Sighting – if I could have his gift with photographs and the ability to find all those great spots for taking them. For Aeon? Who else would he be but the famed Mr. Jefferson???? Well, maybe Alia Baroque
  6. Has your blog/blogging style evolved over the year(s)? How? I love to write and I do it naturally. However, I had a lot to learn (with more to go!) about blogging. I feel fairly comfortable that I have found my voice – at least the basics. Ce Soir Arts has a life of its own now, and there are many things we are planning that will challenge us. As that develops, I hope to find some kind of balance for myself – a way to blog more personally. Perhaps it is time for that new blog…
  7. What is the most extraordinary thing that has happened to you because of blogging? Goodness me! I’ve met some incredible people and have learned more about myself and about SL than I ever thought possible. Blogging was the best idea, and we both feel very grateful and blessed.
  8. When it comes to Second Life blogs, there are different styles: Fashion bloggers, Lifestyle & Travel bloggers, Informative bloggers, and more. Which style do you prefer and where do you feel your blog fits in? We are likely closest to being lifestyle bloggers. We keep the schedule up-to-date and try to share information about a variety of other interesting topics such as fundraisers for non-profit groups, the occasional “this is what we’re wearing” post, and “bulletins from RL.”
  9. What has blogging taught you? Because of the blog (at least partially!) I stress a lot less about things. I don’t get all upset if I am running behind – and I truly try to give myself enough time and space to do the things that matter to me. Aeon loves this, because he has for so long tried to get me to chill out. I giggle when I say that, but it’s really true.
  10. Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers. Use your blog for personal expression; be yourself always, develop your own voice, and share what you want to share. Look about at other blogs – those that are focused on the same topics as yours and those that differ; explore and learn. Find some way to give back to the community; share about causes and events you support, and remember that generosity of spirit is contagious!
M Blogging
M Blogging

This was fun – and as previously noted, informative. Thank you, Strawberry!

IN OTHER NEWS… Aeon and I are sporting a bit of a “new look” for spring. I love mine and he’s trying his on. (Mireille Jenvieve giggles…)

New Spring Look
New Spring Look


New Spring Look for Aeon
New Spring Look for Aeon

We’ve had fun with a wee bit of shopping – and talking about the incredible range of clothing and appearance options available to us in SecondLife. It’s astounding, when you consider it. Go ahead – let spring inspire you to make a few changes; they’ll only be as permanent as you prefer!

Come see us at Ce Soir Arts! Don’t miss Ranadeep‘s amazing Fractal Fantasy exhibit at both The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts – extended through mid-May! Come round for poetry and song with Poet Laureate Russell Eponym (Tuesdays, Noon SLT) at The Magic Tree – and some other shows and events at The Castle. You’ll be welcome. Be inspired tonight!

Both poses are part of Vista Animations AOs (The Perfect Lady and The Boss) by Vista Barnes for Vista Animations.


  • Skin: Betty Voodoo by Tricky Boucher for Belleza
  • Hair: Honest by Magika
  • Eyes: Shiva Eyes in Ice Blue by Silent Alchemi for Birth
  • Hands/Feet/Nails: SLink by Siddean Munro for SLink
  • Outfit: Voyage in Dandy by Giz Seorn for Gizza
  • Boots: Vivien Boots in Sand-Cream by Gizza
  • Necklace & Earrings: Satellite in Calisto by Eidolon Aeon for Vox
  • Wedding Ring: Champagne Women’s Wedding Ring Set in Platinum by RH Engel for RH Engel Jewelry
  • Eternity Ring: TBJ102-ER Diamonds and Enamel Eternity Ring by Trimmer Navarita for Trimmer Bay


  • Skin: Edward by Emilia Redgrave for Redgrave
  • Hair: Dura Boys&Girls 23 by Chiaki Xue for Dura
  • Eyes: Pulse DuBois by Lorac Farella for Pulse
  • Blazer: Legacy Blazer in Wine by Jin Yi Wei for [dynasty] (Available at Menswear Fashion Week)
  • Pants: Lahood Pants in Black by Masa Plympton for [Deadwool]
  • Boots: My Combat Boots in Black by Morphine Janick for Monso
  • Glasses: Silver Oval Spectacles by Albus Baroque for ::Yellow Jester::
  • Wedding Ring: Champagne Men’s Wedding Ring in Platinum by RH Engel for RH Engel Jewelry
  • Eternity Ring: TBJ102-ER Diamonds and Enamel Eternity Ring by Trimmer Navarita for Trimmer Bay


2 thoughts on “Monday Meme…on a Tuesday…

  1. That was a fun read! Your laptops sound amazing and I’m kind of jealous. I really need to update my PC soon. Also, you can’t be me while Aeon is Mr. Jefferson, that’s just so wrong! 😛 Thanks for playing. ❤

  2. Thank you, Strawberry! We so enjoyed this – and we discovered some fun things about ourselves and had some ideas about things we want to do at Ce Soir – and Dover Beach (our RL home). Your memes so often lead to such goodness!
    These machines are amazing – I can’t believe the difference in-world. Have fun shopping about for just the right PC for you; we took our time this time, and it seems to have paid off.
    I’m laughing out loud – LOL-ing all over the place! – about that Mr. Jefferson thing. He’s a doll, although a mite scary. Of course, I kinda like that… muahahahaha! Just thinking about that makes me wanna put on my Candlelight outfit and go skulking about! 🙂

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